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A communications system having a first server (205) with an electronic mail (e-mail) database for managing e-mail accounts, for storing radio device addresses associated with those accounts, and for storing electronic mail messages associated with those accounts. Each message has a header and text. ...


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A query (160) is sent from a browser (100, 101) to a proxy (300) directed to an information source (140) in a networked data communications system. In one aspect, the query is modified by the proxy to provide a modified query and the modified query is forwarded to the information source (120). A res ...

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A method of conducting transactions in a wireless electronic commerce system, where the system comprises a wireless network operator certification authority (

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A method of text entry into a device by activating keys of a keypad (16), where a key represents various characters. Input is delivered to a processor (30) corresponding to the keys activated. A dictionary (33) is searched for candidate combinations of characters corresponding to the keys activated. ...

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A cable telephony system (100) including a plurality of subscriber units (104) connected to a head-end (102) by a cable distribution network (106) in which upstream and downstream data transmissions are sent between subscribers (104) and head-end (102). Both shared and unshared connections are suppo ...


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A method for secure registration of a access device (400) having a receiver (418) and a transmitter (420) transmitting at an operational RF power level with a base station (200) having a receiver (218) and a transmitter (216) in which the base station reduces its operational RF power level to a regi ...