Lichtneckert Stefan, Lundgren Claes, Ferno Ove: Chewable smoking substitute composition. Aktiebolaget Leo, Hueschen Gordon W, August 26, 1975: US3901248 (68 worldwide citation)

A chewable smoking substitute composition is disclosed which comprises about 15 to about 80 percent gum base and a nicotine cation exchange resin complex dispersed in the base. The cation exchange resin complex constitutes up to about 10% of the chewing gum composition and affords a nicotine release ...

Brattsand Ralph Lennart, AF Ekenstam Bo Thuresson, Claeson Karl Goran, Thalen Bror Arne: Steroids, processes for their manufacture and preparations containing same. Bofors, Hueschen Gordon W, December 30, 1975: US3929768 (62 worldwide citation)

Novel steroids having the general formula: ##SPC1##Wherein X and Y are independently selected from hydrogen and fluorine, X being selected from hydrogen and fluorine when Y is hydrogen and X being fluorine when Y is fluorine, Z is selected from hydroxyl and esterified hydroxyl preferably containing ...

VanderLugt Jr Thomas: Hexagonal container for food products or the like. Brown Company, Hueschen Gordon W, May 7, 1974: US3809310 (52 worldwide citation)

A carton for food products or the like of generally hexagonal shape formed from an integral blank of a foldable material such as paperboard. The carton is provided with a self-locking, foldable end closure which is connected to side panels of the carton and which comprises a pair of overlapping clos ...

Buttery Kenneth T, Lugt Jr Thomas Vander: Snap-erected container. Brown Company, Hueschen Gordon W, November 5, 1974: US3845897 (36 worldwide citation)

A container in the form of a scoop having front, rear and end wall panels hingedly connected together at arcuate score lines defining convex side edges for the end wall panels and concave side edges for the front and rear wall panels, a bottom hingedly connected to at least two of the wall panels, a ...

Bemis John H: Vehicle mounted hydraulic powered post puller. Bemis & Sons, Hueschen Gordon W, November 19, 1974: US3848850 (32 worldwide citation)

A hydraulically operated post-pulling apparatus adapted to be mounted on a motor vehicle, comprising a support adapted to be mounted on a vehicle, a telescoping boom pivotally mounted at one end on the support and having hydraulic cylinder means provided for extending and retracting the boom and for ...

Becker Wilhelm: Curing agent for aqueous epoxide resin dispersions. Reichhold Albert Chemie Aktiengesellschaft, Hueschen Gordon W, March 11, 1975: US3870666 (27 worldwide citation)

Object of the present invention are curing agents for aqueous epoxide resin dispersions, which are association compounds formed of polyamidoamine-epoxide adducts and of a phenol-formaldehyde-polyamine condensation product.

Brattsand Ralph Lennart, Ekenstam Bo Thuresson af, Claeson Karl Goran, Thalen Bror Arne: Process for the separation of stereoisomeric mixtures into their components and components obtained hereby. Bofors, Hueschen Gordon W, December 23, 1975: US3928326 (26 worldwide citation)

A process for the resolution of stereoisomeric mixtures of certain steroids obtained by synthesis into its components, comprising subjecting the stereoisomeric mixture to gel filtration, the components in view of different retention volumes being separated and being separately recoverable; and stere ...

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In combination, a safety container and cap assembly, the container having an elongated neck with at least two sets of threads of opposite pitch with respect to each other, one arranged proximally and one arranged distally with respect to the container, the cap having at least two sets of threads of ...

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The invention relates to the manufacture of vibration-damping sheet metal laminates having a high temperature band width in the frequency range of 100 to 1,000 Hz by employing epoxy resin-curing agent systems as intermediate layer.

Katsimbas Themistoklis: Heat-curable pulverulent coating agent consisting of a mixture of copolymers containing glycidyl groups, dicarboxylic acid anhydrides and curing accelerators. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Hueschen Gordon W, December 9, 1975: US3925507 (20 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to heat-curable pulverulent coating agents, frequently also called powder lacquers, which are suitable for applying a coherent coating which possesses excellent properties after heat-curing.