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A fuel additive for adding to bituminous heavy O/W emulsion fuel includes particles of magnesium hydroxide, polycarboxylic acid and/or a salt or salts thereof, a dispersion deflocculant that is a salt of phosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, silicic acid, carbonic acid, sulfuric acid, boric acid, or ...

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A computer network is described in which the data link layer address, e.g MAC address, of the network cards of client nodes are used to uniquely identify the nodes in the prevosion of network to application layer services. A link layer aware router may determine the MAC address of a client node from ...

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The invention provides an optical information medium which has excellent abrasion resistance and which further exhibits sufficient smudge-proof properties. The optical information medium is coated on at least one surface with a film of a silane coupling agent containing a water- or oil-repellent sub ...

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A supported cobalt-based catalyst is described, characterized in that the carrier has an average particle diameter, measured by means of Coulter LS230, ranging from 70 to 250 mu m, a surface area higher than 175 m/g and a pore volume higher than 0.35 m/g, measured with the B.E.T. method. The above c ...

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Transition spirals for successive sections of railroad track are designed by first specifying the manner in which the bank angle of the track should change with distance along a transition spiral. Functional forms for bank angle are provided as a function of distance along the spiral, which can also ...

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The present invention provided a material exhibiting excellent weldability as well as good thermomechanical properties and used as a crucible for a melting device and a remelting device. A copper alloy having a composition containing 0.2 to 1.5% Ni, at least one kind of element selected from the gro ...

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The invention discloses a method for the separation and purification of epothilones, especially discloses a method for the separation and purification of epothilones B and A using normal phase silica gel chromatography, which comprises loading the sample after dissolving the sample containing epothi ...

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A sound masking system for shaping the ambient noise level in a physical environment. The sound masking system comprises a networked and distributed system having a number of master units coupled together and to a control unit. One or more of the master units may include satellite sound masking unit ...

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A package of polyurethane elastic yarn for heat bonding which weighs more than 1 kg and measures such that the diameter-to-width ratio is greater than 0.5 and which is obtained from polyurethane elastic yarn by giving it 3.0-10.0 wt % of a finishing agent and then winding it up, said finishing agent ...

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The present invention relates to a compound of the formula I in which A, Y, R, R, R, R, R, l, m and the corresponding radicals with are defined as indicated in the description, a process for the preparation thereof, and the use thereof for inhibiting retroviral proteases.