Chen Qingru: Process and device for dressing coal with dry fluidized bed. China College Of Mining, HUANG XUELAN CAO HAIBIN, December 16, 1987: CN87101056 (1 worldwide citation)

This invention is the application of fluidized bed to the coal dressing process by designing a compound, in-filled and partioned air-distributor (6) as well as by adopting a method of big-size air-distributor assembled from multi-small-size air-distributors, and the purpose of coal dressing is attai ...

Zhang Chengyong: Multi-freedom elastic collision screen and its sifting method. China Mining Univ, huang xuelan, July 7, 1999: CN97107249 (1 worldwide citation)

A multi-freedom elastic collision sieving net for screening dry fine-granularity materials features that multiple sieving wires are arranged on a frame to form a sieving net and the gap fitting is realized between the sieving wires and frame. When the frame is driven to vibrate, the multi-freedom co ...


Wu Jingen, Zhang Shuwan: Chinese character stroke input method in network. Wu Jingen, huang xuelan, September 6, 2006: CN200610039515

Wherein, it includes the Chinese strokes (horizontal stroke, left-falling stroke, vertical stroke, point, and turning stroke) into 26 shapes opposite to 26 English letters; it stacks different stroke shapes to form a Chinese without code or rote. This network has much space contained both of simplif ...

Li Bingwen, Zhao Jiyun, Wang Qiguang: All in one hydraulic post column. China Univ Of Mining &Amp Tech, huang xuelan, July 21, 2004: CN02160388

A single hydraulic supporting post is composed of top cover, movable column, column, sleeve, cylinder column, handle, three-purpose valve, oil cylinder, base, restoring spring, sealing parts, and steel wire spring. Its center is a variable cavity. The working medium injected in the cavity directly a ...




Li Bingwen, Wang Qiguang, Chen Weimin: Conveying and transporting winch. Chinese Minining Techique Univ, huang xuelan, February 16, 2005: CN03132226

The invention relates to a conveyance winch. It can be used in conveyance of synthetically excavating equipment, materials transportation, lifting, tramcar dispatching and etc. It is made up with base with seat, bracket of controlling switch, clutch that connects electromotor and gear-box, electrohy ...

Li Bingwen, Zhao Jiyun, Wang Jianwu: Mining winch gearbox. Chinese Mining Technology Univ, huang xuelan, February 16, 2005: CN03132227

The invention provides a gear-box used in mining winch. It is composed with gear-box in middle, right gearbox connecting with epicyclic gearbox and left gearbox connecting with brake puck. The mining winch has a function of planetary soft driving. It can provide a bigger driving force and brake mome ...