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Decompression of herniated discs in the lumbar spine is carried percutaneously by the insertion of a specially designed cannulated trocar over a guide wire extending through the patient's back toward the herniated disc at an angle of approximately 35 degrees with respect to the patient's perpendicul ...

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A method of manufacturing a gas-permeable membrane for an amperometric gas electrode comprising demetallizing areas of a metallized film to obtain a regular array of gas-permeable micropores.

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An incrementally adjustable apparatus and method of use thereof for protecting an incised wound from exposure to bacterial and other harmful contaminants. A pair of resilient O-rings is connected to opposite ends of an impermeable pliable sleeve. One of the O-rings is formed to engage the inner edge ...

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An improved surgical apparatus for hand-assisted minimum invasive surgery with isolation at the site of a wound from ambient conditions. A sleeve of gas-impermeable material includes entry and exit openings for access to the wound, and ports for introducing surgical instruments into the sleeve withi ...

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The insertion points for guide pins used in percutaneous vertebral fixation by pedicle screw are determined by establishing an approach path on a CT image, measuring on the CT image the distance from the intersection of the approach path and the skin of the patient's back to the patient's midline, a ...