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A data compressor compresses an input stream of data character signals by storing in a string table strings of data character signals encountered in the input stream. The compressor searches the input stream to determine the longest match to a stored string. Each stored string comprises a prefix str ...

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A compressor parses the input data stream into segments where each segment comprises a prefix and the next symbol in the data stream following the prefix. The prefix of a segment is the longest match with a previously parsed segment of the data stream. The compressor constructs a search tree data ba ...

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A color cathode ray tube display apparatus particularly for use under a wide range of ambient light conditions, such as in an aircraft cockpit, wherein each of the primary color phosphors has a unique brightness versus cathode drive characteristic, which characteristic also is dependent upon whether ...

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A dome antenna including a dome of solid dielectric material and scannable feed array positioned in the base plane thereof. The dielectric material of the dome constructed to provide a dielectric constant that varies with the perpendicular distance from the base plane. Rays emanating from the base p ...

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A continuous, self-supporting microwave transmission line along which ultra short pulses of microwave signals may propagate over distances of several hundred feet with minimum pulse distortion and signal attenuation. Propagation along the line is accomplished by an electromagnetic field thereabout t ...

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A data transmission system utilizing the telephone voice communication network for transmitting data between the location of a telephone subscriber's handset and a central station. A data transmitter is capacitively coupled to a bridge tap on the subscriber loop at the subscriber's handset and a dat ...

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Apparatus for providing an integrated display of flight instrument parameters on the screen of a single cathode ray tube is presented. The synthetically generated symbology provides the pilot with an integrated display of substantially all aircraft attitude and flight path command and control parame ...

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A magnetic head slider for supporting a flying head on a magnetic disk has a plurality of rails extended longitudinally between the slider and the disk which provide the air bearing surface and define a channel parallel to the motion of the data track. A flexible beam is affixed to the leading edge ...

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In a geothermal production well, oil well or gas well, a thermally energized packer cup having a tapered elastomer body and a reinforcing element fabricated from a shape memory alloy seals the well casing when the packer cup is heated to the transformation temperature of the shape memory alloy.

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A low self-capacitance inductor is described for use as an output inductor in high frequency inverter power supplies. A pair of channel-shaped ferrite core members are assembled with a gap of material approximating the permeability of air. The core members are arranged to provide an axial aperture t ...