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An implantable stent which contains a tube, several optical emitters located on the inner surface of the tube, and several optical photodetectors located on the inner surface of the tube. The optical emitters radiate energy with a wavelength of from about 30 nanometers to about 30 millimeters, and t ...

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An apparatus for determining the optimum position of an endotracheal tube while allowing simultaneous ventilation of a patient with the endotracheal tube is disclosed. This apparatus contains a stylet, connecting means for adjustably and removably disposing the stylet within an endotracheal tube, me ...

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A portable emergency respirator which contains an electrical power supply, a source of compressed air, and a switch which allows one to produce three separate different types of pneumatic outputs from the source of compressed air. In one mode of operation, the output from the source of compressed ai ...

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A cardiac assist device containing a device for connecting the cardiac assist device to a heart, for furnishing electrical impulses from the cardiac assist device to the heart, for ceasing the furnishing of electrical impulses to the heart, for receiving pulsed radio frequency fields, for transmitti ...

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An assembly for protecting biological tissue from the effects of heating. The assembly contains a conductor in contact with the biological tissue and forming an electrical circuit comprising the biological tissue. The assembly contains a device for modifying the impedance of the electrical circuit s ...

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An assembly for shielding an implanted medical device from the effects of high-frequency radiation and for emitting magnetic resonance signals during magnetic resonance imaging. The assembly includes an implanted medical device and a magnetic shield comprised of nanomagnetic material disposed betwee ...

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A shielded assembly containing a substrate and a shield. The shield contains both nanomagnetic material and a material with an electrical resistivity of from about 1 microohm-centimeter to about 1×10

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A keyboard permitting data entry with only one hand in which the keys are arranged in non-alphabetic order. The keyboard contains at least four vertical columns of keys, at least six horizontal rows of keys, at least 26 data entry keys, at least 11 multiple entry keys, and at least 3 command keys.

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An atmospheric process for the production of a coating of film upon a nickel-containing substrate. In the first step of this process, an aerosol mist containing reactants necessary to form the coating is provided. Thereafter, the mist is subjected to radio-frequency radiation while in the plasma reg ...

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A magnetically shielded conductor assembly containing a conductor disposed within an insulating matrix, and a layer composed of nanomagentic material disposed around the first conductor. The conductor has a resistivity at 20 degrees Centigrade of from about 1 to about 100 microohm-centimeters. The i ...