Ernest Q Paredes: Illuminated safety garment. Howard I Podell, May 4, 1982: US04328533 (65 worldwide citation)

An illuminated safety harness adapted for wearing with or without a vest, and having a battery compartment in its belt connected through a switch to lamp sockets fixed on each shoulder. Each lamp socket is designed for a flashing light bulb. The harness has a plurality of reflective, luminescent or ...

Clayton R Doak: Inflatable sole-shoe. Howard I Podell, August 9, 1983: US04397104 (62 worldwide citation)

A shoe fitted with an inflatable sole. One or more air valves joined to the shoe permit inflating the interior of the sole to a desired pressure of air proportional to the weight of the wearer of the shoe. The sole is formed of an upper liner joined to a lower liner along their respective common per ...

Eric F Hoot: Inflatable cooler container. The Raymond Lee Organization, Howard I Podell, April 25, 1978: US04085785 (58 worldwide citation)

An inflatable container for storage of foods under insulated conditions. The container is formed of a removable heavy gauge plastic liner which fits inside of an open inflated box structure fitted with an inflated cover. The inflatable box structure and cover are each made of ribbed flexible materia ...

Mike Pritza: Artificial Christmas tree. The Raymond Lee Organization, Howard I Podell, October 12, 1976: US03985924 (57 worldwide citation)

A Christmas Tree formed of collapsible sections of trunk and branches with electrical lights mounted in sockets on each branch. Electrical conductors run from a portable supply cord joining the base of the trunk through the trunk and branches with the individual sections of the tree joined together ...

Doralee A Wallace: Foldable stool. The Raymond Lee Organization, Howard I Podell, August 23, 1977: US04043277 (55 worldwide citation)

A lightweight foldable stool formed with a top that is hinged along a mid-line and hinged on its underside to telescopic legs.

Alfred De Prado: Adjustable dolly. Howard I Podell, September 4, 1979: US04166638 (49 worldwide citation)

A wheeled platform base of adjustable length, fitted with straps for securing a load to the base, with projecting handles mounted to an end wall of the base and with shoulder padding fixed under the base end to enable a household mover to lift and support an end of the carriage on his shoulder for t ...

Louise Roberto, Stephen Casale: Container cover assembly. Howard I Podell, June 7, 1983: US04386714 (47 worldwide citation)

A snap cover hinged to the neck of a collapsible tube such as a tube of toothpaste. The cover is hinged by a plurality of hinge members located to apply spring bias to the cover in both the open and closed positions of the cover so as to maintain the cover in the manually set position. A sleeve coll ...

Robert R Rojas: Multiple component comforter quilt. Howard I Podell, David P Gordon, June 20, 1989: US04839934 (44 worldwide citation)

The invention is an improved bed covering multiple component comforter formed with a container-cover unit containing removable and interchangeable insulator pad units enclosing heat insulating material such as down. The pads are each held in place in compartments or channels of the container-cover. ...

Eugene G Scrivens: Allen wrench holder. The Raymond Lee Organization, Howard I Podell, August 23, 1977: US04043230 (43 worldwide citation)

A holder for retaining individual hexagonal wrenches of a set of the type known as Allen wrenches. The holder is in the form of a cylindrical member fitted with a plurality of through parallel transverse wrench holes, each wrench hole of the size to retain a specific size wrench. A set screw is indi ...

Allen C Jorgensen: Collapsible guitar. The Raymond Lee Organization, Howard I Podell, February 14, 1978: US04073211 (40 worldwide citation)

A guitar, the neck of which is hinged to the guitar body so as to be foldable into a shaped recess in the back of the body. The strings of the guitar are individually attached at one end to the neck and at the other end to a common bridge unit. The bridge unit is attached to a first clamp on the fac ...