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A pulse oximeter apparatus characterized in that it comprises a bandpass filter adapted selectively to exclude motion artefact from wanted signal is disclosed.

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A sensor appliance removably attachable to a living body for non-invasively producing signals indicative of a condition of the body and applying them to a monitoring or measuring device and method of making the appliance characterized by a small, highly flexible light weight substrate with surface m ...

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An improved nasal cannula is made of a soft pliable material and has two hollow tubular prongs which are ribbed to prevent significant closure of the airways through the prongs upon bending of the prongs and a base adapted to receive a soft strip of foam-like material which can be attached to a skul ...

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A pulse oximeter includes a capacitive d.c. blocking element to separate the time varying red and infra-red components of a light source transmitted through or reflected form the blood from the composite light signals. The magnitudes of the signal amplitudes are then digitized and converted for use ...

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A safety disposable needle has a shroud with a canted bore region slidably mounted thereon. A face of the shroud directed to engage the skin has an adhesive coating for fixing the shroud to the skin as the needle is withdrawn and its tip enters the shroud after which the shroud is separated from the ...

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A skate has a wheel rotatably mounted on an axle with a light emitting element mounted on the wheel for making the wheel illuminative when an electrical potential is applied to the light emitting element. The electrical potential can be supplied by a battery installed within the wheel through a swit ...

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A device for positioning/retaining a transducer relative to a body characterized in that it comprises a supporting member for placement on the body, connected thereto one end of a flexible and elongate arm, which has a mount for the transducer at or near the remote end thereof, and means for locking ...

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A proportional flow valve wherein inlet fluid pressure urges the valve member toward the valve seat. A pressure member, which may be a piston, has an effective area substantially larger than that of the valve member, and is also selectively subjected to inlet fluid pressure to urge the valve member ...

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An adapter to be connected between a respirator and a patient artificial airway has an axial bore communicating between the respirator and artificial airway and one or more sloping bores communicating between the axial bore and the periphery of the adapter body to provide one or more respective acce ...

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The calibration of a polarographic oxygen sensor (20) at zero oxygen concentration is accomplished by providing an oxygen-free liquid environment at the sensor active surface. This is accomplished electrolytically by depleting a thin film of electrolyte (24) of oxygen to zero concentration with an o ...