George S Wilson, Dilbir S Bindra, Brian S Hill, Daniel R Thevenot, Robert Sternberg, Gerard Reach, Yanan Zhang: Implantable glucose sensor. The University of Kansas, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, November 24, 1992: US05165407 (835 worldwide citation)

Implantable enzymatic sensors (25, 43, 44) for biochemicals such as glucose are provided having an ideal size and geometry for optional long term implantation and linear responses over the concentration ranges of interest. The sensors (25, 43, 44) include an elongated body (10, 26, 46) supporting an ...

Russell L Trimble, Roger J Dolida, Frederick R Rose, Philip M Metzler: Nasal puff with adjustable sealing means. Puritan Bennett Corporation, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, November 8, 1988: US04782832 (359 worldwide citation)

An improved nasal puff assembly is provided which is of particular benefit in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and which is characterized by a gas-delivery puff which fits only in the nose of the patient and is therefore of relatively small size and can be comfortably worn. The nasal puff of ...

Robert W Lewis, Matthew A Tanner, Timothy K Walker: Object-oriented computer program, system, and method for developing control schemes for facilities. Control Systems International, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, September 22, 1998: US05812394 (322 worldwide citation)

An object-oriented development system for developing control schemes for facilities includes a device diagramming component for describing a physical description of a facility and a logical definition of a control scheme for the facility. The device diagramming component includes a mode for selectin ...

H Vincent Monslow, Steven R Dickey: Television broadcast system for selective transmission of viewer-chosen programs at viewer-requested times. Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, February 19, 1991: US04995078 (313 worldwide citation)

A television broadcast system using land lines is provided for real-time transmission of a viewer-chosen program at a viewer requested time to the requesting viewer's television receiver. The preferred method includes the steps of providing a collection of stored programs, communicating the requesti ...

Thomas R Winston, John M Neet: Stent construction of rolled configuration. Ultrasonic Sensing and Monitoring Systems, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, April 26, 1994: US05306294 (306 worldwide citation)

A stent for reinforcing a damaged wall in a body passage such as a vascular passage. The stent takes the form of a sheet of metal foil wound tightly around a spool in a multiple layer roll and held in a contracted state by a sheath sleeved around the roll. The spool is inserted into the body passage ...

Gerald F Tremblay, David S Buckles: Implantable passive bio-sensor. Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, January 6, 1998: US05704352 (230 worldwide citation)

An implantable, passive bio-sensor (10) for monitoring internal physiological conditions of a patient is disclosed. The bio-sensor (10) includes at least one sensor or transducer (12) for monitoring a physiological condition of the patient and a passive transponder (14) that receives sensor signals ...

John E Hall: Evertible membrane catheter and method of use. Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, August 7, 1990: US04946440 (219 worldwide citation)

A catheter for medical or veterinary use is provided which is especially adapted for gentle and pristine introduction into a body cavity or vasculature. The catheter includes an outer and inner tube with a cylindrical membrane connecting distal ends of the two tubes. A fluid may be introduced into a ...

Roger A Gruenke, Russell L Trimble, Christopher D Lasnier, Steven W Loethen, Jiri G Orlt, James A Snook, Marilyn S Wyble: Inspiratory airway pressure system with admittance determining apparatus and method. Puritan Bennett Corporation, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, August 4, 1992: US05134995 (216 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for facilitating the respiration of a patient are disclosed which are particularly useful in treating mixed and obstructive sleep apnea and certain cardiovascular conditions, among others, by increasing nasal air pressure delivered to the patient's respiratory passages just p ...

Steven E Hobbs, Ross Flewelling: Method of enhancing performance in pulse oximetry via electrical stimulation. Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, June 29, 1999: US05916154 (213 worldwide citation)

An improved method for optically measuring a characteristic of a patient's blood or tissue is provided which involves first passing an arterialization current (typically from about 1-10 mA AC or DC) through a relatively short tissue segment of a patient (up to about 12 inches) for a period of time s ...

Thomas R Winston, John M Neet: Stent assembly with sensor. Ultrasonic Sensing and Monitoring Systems, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, May 2, 1995: US05411551 (212 worldwide citation)

A stent/sensing device is provided by attachment of an in vivo sensor such as a blood glucose sensor to the inner surface of the multiple layer roll. Electrical leads extending from the sensor device pass through an elongated groove provided in the inner supporting spool for the stent.

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