Rosenberg Ira: Method for coating human nails. Clairol Incorporated, Holtzman Irving, Mentis George A, Mugford David J, December 23, 1975: US3928113 (47 worldwide citation)

A method for coating human nails in which a basecoat composition comprising a water-soluble or water-swellable polymer dissolved in a solvent is first applied to the nails and allowed to dry. This is followed by the application of a photocurable polymer composition which is then exposed to a light s ...

Brody Frederick, Pohl Stanley: Oxidative hair dye compositions. Clairol Incorporated, Holtzman Irving, Mugford David J, Mentis George A, May 20, 1975: US3884627 (36 worldwide citation)

Oxidative hair dye composition containing as 'para component' compounds of the formula: ##SPC1##Or their acid addition salts, in which:R.sub.1 is alkyl or hydroxyalkyl;R.sub.2 is hydrogen or hydroxyalkyl;R.sub.3 is hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy or halogen; andR.sub.4 occupies any one of the remaining posi ...

Nersesian Ara, Hubner Fred, Durbak Taras: Hair dressing compositions containing a hair substantive quaternary resin. Bristol Myers Company, Holtzman Irving, Mugford David J, Mentis George A, April 8, 1975: US3876760 (29 worldwide citation)

A hair dressing composition comprising a hair substantive quaternary resin to impart hair-holding properties to hair when supplied, and a grooming agent; the grooming agent preferably being incompatible with the quaternary resin.

Mackles Leonard: Toilet oil bar. Bristol Myers Company, Holtzman Irving, Mentis George A, Mugford David J, December 31, 1974: US3857960 (26 worldwide citation)

A toilet oil bar or cake adapted to release oil when wet with water. The oil bar is made by solidifying mineral oil with monoethanolamine stearic acid amide; N,N distearoyl ethylenediamine or mixtures thereof. The bar may also contain a non-ionic or anionic emulsifying agent to aid in the release of ...

Stoddard Darrell D: Melamine resin-polyol-polyurethane coating composition and article coated therewith. Ophthalmic Sciences, DuBoff Samuel J, Mugford David J, Holtzman Irving, January 21, 1975: US3862261 (19 worldwide citation)

The coating compositions of the disclosure comprise:1. A melamine resin of the tri- through hexa- substituted alkoxy ethers of formaldehyde- or acetaldehyde- melamine condensation products;2. a polyol; and3. a polyurethane; dissolved in a solvent which will evaporate when a coating of the compositio ...

Rosenberg Ira: UV Curable polyene-polythiol-surfactant compositions. Clairol Incorporated, Holtzman Irving, Mugford David J, Mentis George A, July 22, 1975: US3896014 (19 worldwide citation)

Photocurable liquid nail lacquer compositions comprising a polyene, a polythiol, a photocuring rate accelerator and a surfactant from a particular class; these compositions being curable to a hard nail finish when applied to nails and exposed to actinic light.

DeMarco Richard: Stable oil-in-water emulsion hair dye composition. Clairol Incorporated, Holtzman Irving, Mentis George A, Mugford David J, May 21, 1974: US3811830 (18 worldwide citation)

A hair dye composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion in which the dye is dissolved or finely dispersed in the oil phase. The composition contains a coupling agent (e.g., water soluble alkylene glycols or alkylene glycol ether alcohols; long-chain fatty acid soaps; or long-chain fatty compo ...

Drappeu Robert E, Gould Hughjean Burton, Maust Daniel A: Carpet sweeper. The Drackett Company, Mentis George A, Mugford David J, Holtzman Irving, February 5, 1974: US3789454 (8 worldwide citation)

The subject invention relates to a carpet sweeper having a minimum of parts, most of which are molded completely of plastic. The sweeper is provided with a dust collecting bin having a lid which provides easy access from the upper portion of the sweeper. A simple gear system transmits rotating motio ...

Val F Cotty, Francis J Sterbenz, Kenneth J Melman: Augmentation of blood levels of aspirin. Bristol Myers Company, Holtzman Irving Mentis George A Mugford David J, September 20, 1977: US04049803 (7 worldwide citation)

The normal dosage of 10 grains (648 mg.) of aspirin, when combined with about 5 to 15, preferably about 10, grains of acetaminophen, yields increased blood levels of unhydrolyzed aspirin shortly and for extended periods after oral ingestion; a small addition of caffeine enables attainment of still h ...

Berghahn Walter G: Safety closure-bottle assembly. Bristol Myers Company, Holtzman Irving, Mentis George A, Mugford David J, February 4, 1975: US3863797 (6 worldwide citation)

A safety closure-bottle assembly comprising a snap-on closure and bottle in which the closure is provided with a tab and the bottle neck with a notched flange which registers with said tab.

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