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A coaxial cable connector generally includes a connector body, a nut rotatably coupled to the connector body, a post disposed in the connector body and a biasing element acting between the post and the nut. The nut has an internal thread for engagement with an external thread of a mating connector. ...

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A portable apparatus including an interface configured to input first motion data of a user from a foot-worn first self-contained activity determining unit is disclosed. The portable apparatus also includes a second self-contained activity determining unit configured to determine second motion data ...

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A soft and pliable surgical support mesh exhibiting increased resistance to inhabitation of infectious matter. The mesh includes a support trellis formed of multifilament yarns wherein the interstitial voids located between the filaments of said yarns are enclosed within an infection-impervious matr ...

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An electrical jack and plug connector each reducing crosstalk between signal wires pairs connected to the jack and plug connectors. The jack connector including a plurality of signal carrying elements and a printed circuit board placed adjacent to the signal carrying elements. The printed circuit bo ...

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Crosslinked compositions formed from water-insoluble copolymers are disclosed. These compositions are copolymers having a bioresorbable region, a hydrophilic region and at least two cross-linkable functional groups per polymer chain. Crosslinking of these polymers can be effected in solution in orga ...

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A substrate such as a catheter or a guide wire is provided with a lubricous, hydrophilic abrasion-resistant coating by:

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An intestinal occluding clamp including first and second clamping members with jaws, a biasing spring, a clamp housing, a clamp base and a clamp cap. The clamp housing has a housing cavity formed at one end thereof and a first clamping member is connected to and projects away from the housing cavity ...

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A deployment system for transcutaneous insertion of an implantable tubular prosthesis is provided. The deployment system includes a flexible, elongated, tubular, delivery catheter with at least one inner lumen, and an opening extending through the catheter to the inner lumen. Positioned over the cat ...

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A blood clot filter comprising: an anchoring portion comprising a generally cylindrical self-expanding body formed from resilient material, the generally cylindrical body having proximal and distal ends and defining an axial direction and having a structure of variable size diameter expandable from ...

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A heater includes a housing having an outer surface and sidewalls defining an interior space that holds a heating element. The heater further includes a heating element having a lower portion and an upper portion, where the heating element has differing power densities from the lower portion to the ...