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A prosthetic valve for implantation within a fluid conducting lumen within a body includes an elongate generally cylindrical radially collapsible valve body scaffold defining a fluid passageway therethrough for retentive positioning within the lumen. A radially collapsible leaf valve member is suppo ...

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Disclosed is a method of enhancing the biocompatibility of a substrate by providing the substrate with a continuous bio-active surface coating. This method includes applying to the substrate a first coating which includes an aqueous dispersion or emulsion of a polymer containing an organic acid func ...

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A radially self-expanding implantable intraluminal device formed from a hollow tubular braid. The intraluminal device may be used in a variety of medical procedures which require a passageway to be maintained in an open position or which require reinforcement, support or a bypass conduit such as in ...

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The connector of the present invention provides an environmentally sealed connector for terminating a coaxial cable. The connector is useful with hard-line or semi-rigid coaxial cables.

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The present invention is directed to a prosthesis for implantation within a body lumen. The prosthesis includes a biocompatible elongate intraluminal liner in the form of a graft, with a biocompatible adhesive being disposed on an exterior surface of the graft. The adhesive is active in an intralumi ...

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A self-centering blood clot filter is provided. The filter includes an anchoring portion including a generally cylindrical radially expandable body including an axial lumen extending therethrough. The filter further includes a filtering portion including a conical body concentrically aligned within ...

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Peripheral blood leucocytes incubated with a semi-synthetic phage antibody library and fluorochrome-labeled CD3 and CD20 antibodies were used to isolate human single chain Fv antibodies specific for subsets of blood leucocytes by flow cytometry. Isolated phage antibodies showed exclusive binding to ...

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A connector is provided for terminating coaxial cable. The connector includes a connector body having a cable receiving end and an opposed connection end. A locking sleeve is provided in detachable, re-attachable snap engagement with the insertion end of the connector body for securing the cable in ...

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A device for tracking catheters includes an oscillator which is coupled to a transmit coil. The transmit coil is rotated in a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis of the transmit coil. A receive coil situated on the guide wire of a catheter inserted into a patient's body receives the signal ...

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An improved endoluminal prosthesis is described which possesses increased flexibility and longitudinal compliance with a stent/graft/stent securement member combination.