Bob Ware
James H Beech Jr, Roland B Saeger, Robert A Ware: Skeletal isomerization of n-pentenes using ZSM-35 in the presence of hydrogen. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Laurence P Hobbes, January 17, 1995: US05382743 (28 worldwide citation)

A method for conversion of linear C5 olefins in the presence of contaminant diolefins to corresponding iso-olefins of the same carbon number which comprises contacting a linear C5 olefin-containing organic feedstock with a catalyst comprising material having the structure of ZSM-35 under skeletal is ...

Bob Ware
Quang N Le, Robert A Ware, Stephen S Wong: Process for the production of high VI lube base stocks. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Laurence P Hobbes, February 5, 1991: US04990713 (7 worldwide citation)

High viscosity index, low pour point lubricants are produced by reacting an iso-paraffinic component, preferably with significant mono- and di-methyl chain branching, with an olefinic reactant in the presence of a free radical generator such as an organic peroxide, preferably ditertiary butyl peroxi ...

Bob Ware
Arthur A Chin, Roland B Saeger, James A Stoos, Robert A Ware: Process for the conversion of C5 linear olefins to tertiary alkyl ethers. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Dennis P Santini, Laurence P Hobbes, May 30, 1995: US05420360 (5 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for producing alkyl tertiary alkyl ether such as TAME from alkanol and hydrocarbon feedstock containing linear olefins, iso-olefins, linear alkanes and iso-alkanes such as C5 streams from FCC. The process selectively etherifies iso-olefins in a plural stage etherification zone ...

Steve Gardner: Ontology-based information management system and method. IPXL, Roberts Mlotkowski & Hobbes, May 29, 2007: US07225183 (97 worldwide citation)

An information management system and method is provided for integrating structured and unstructured data using an ontological approach, and further comprises processes for creating, validating, augmenting, and combining ontologies for life science informatics and other disciplines.

Michael E Landis, Brent A Aufdembrink, Pochen Chu, Ivy D Johnson, Garry W Kirker, Nancy M Page, Mae K Rubin: Layered metal chalcogenides containing interspathic polymeric chalcogenides. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Charles J Speciale, Laurence P Hobbes, August 22, 1989: US04859648 (70 worldwide citation)

Layered chalcogenide materials of high thermal stability and surface area which contain interspathic polymeric chalcogenides such as polymeric silica are prepared by ion exchanging a layered metal oxide, such as layered titanium oxide, with organic cation, to spread the layers apart. A compound such ...

Roberto O Pellizzari: Method and apparatus for generating power by combustion of vaporized fuel. Philip Morris USA, Roberts Mlotkowski & Hobbes, January 1, 2008: US07313916 (63 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for producing power from a source of liquid fuel. The apparatus includes at least one capillary flow passage, the at least one capillary flow passage having an inlet end and an outlet end, the inlet end in fluid communication with the source of liquid fuel, a heat source arranged along ...

Ying Yen P Tsao: Multimetallic catalysts and their method of preparation from organometallic precursors. Mobil Oil Corporation, A J McKillop, M G Gilman, Hobbes, April 23, 1985: US04513098 (57 worldwide citation)

Certain organometallic precursors selectively interact with surface hydroxyl groups on an inorganic oxide support such as silica, alumina or silica-alumina or to provide a uniform distribution of metal complexes on the surfaces of said support. Subsequent reduction of the support results in a high d ...

Roland H Heck, Lillian A Rankel: Process for treating heavy oil. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, Malcolm D Keen, Laurence P Hobbes, December 20, 1994: US05374350 (53 worldwide citation)

Heavy oil is hydrotreated by processing with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst composition comprising an activated carbon component having a specified range of pore volume distribution and average pore diameter, a molybdenum or tungsten component and a cobalt or nickel component to reduce the c ...

Charles T Kresge, John P McWilliams, James C Vartuli, Michael P Nicoletti: Catalyst for alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons. Mobil Oil Corporation, A J McKillop, M G Gilman, Hobbes, October 15, 1985: US04547605 (53 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses a process for the alkylation of aromatics utilizing ZSM-23 catalyst. A particularly preferred embodiment utilizes ZSM-23 made from a forming mixture containing amorphous precipitated silica, as a silica source, including trace amounts of alumina and sodium chloride.

Robert A Migliorini, Eldridge M Mount III: High barrier film. Mobil Oil Corporation, Ronald A Bleeker, Laurence P Hobbes, Dennis P Santini, January 7, 1997: US05591520 (49 worldwide citation)

An oriented film combination of (a) a base layer of polypropylene at least one surface of which comprises a maleic acid anhydride modified polypropylene; and (b) on at least one surface, a skin layer of an amorphous polyamide or a blend of an amorphous polyamide and a semicrystalline polyamide.