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A system for actively monitoring a patient includes at least one body-worn monitoring device that has at least one sensor capable of measuring at least one physiologic parameter and detecting at least one predetermined event. At least one intermediary device is, linked to the body-worn monitoring de ...

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The invention is directed to a clutching mechanism for a coax connector. The device comprises an extended nut having a standard connector contained within. The extended nut comprises internal threads and a first clutch face and the internal standard connector comprises a connector body having a seco ...

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A method for communicating data using at least one network linking at least one respondent device with at least one monitoring device, said method comprising the steps of: continuously measuring at least one physiologic parameter for purposes of detecting a predetermined event using said at least on ...

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Low voltage, middle voltage and high voltage CMOS devices have upper buffer layers of the same conductivity type as the sources and drains that extend under the sources and drains and the gates but not past the middle of the gates, and lower bulk buffer layers of the opposite conductivity type to th ...

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A locking terminator device for a coax cable port is used for preventing ingress of electrical signals into the port and also to prevent theft of cable signals by non-subscribers. The device of the present invention includes an outer terminator housing, an inner connector housing having two slots fo ...

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The present invention relates generally to the field of photovoltaics and more specifically to manufacturing thin-film solar cells using a thermal process. Specifically, a method is disclosed to manufacture a CIGS solar cell by an in-situ junction formation process.

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Provided are a molded leadless package, and a sawing type molded leadless package and method of manufacturing same. The molded leadless package includes a lead frame pad having first and second surfaces opposite to each other. A semiconductor chip is adhered to the first surface of the lead frame pa ...

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A disposable cover for an elongated probe of a portable thermometry apparatus includes an open proximal end and a distal tip sized to fit over at least an axial portion of the elongated probe. The cover includes a transitional wall thickness at its proximal end for fitting over a holding barb of sai ...

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A hollow metallic needle for guiding a balloon catheter into a fetal vessel or cavity. The needle initially contains a removable obturator which is removed after the needle is generally positioned within the fetus and is replaced by a balloon catheter. A plastic sleeve is mounted upon the distal end ...

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A wireless patient monitor is adapted to communicate with any one of plural medical telemetry networks, each having one or more central stations, where each network is configured to communicate via wireless communications using one of multiple different communications settings. The monitor includes ...