Jens Nagel
Eugene A Mirkin, Jens Nagel: Apparatus and method for forming compound words. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, December 6, 2005: US06973332 (55 worldwide citation)

A method and device for generating meaningful compound words is provided. A user interface (120, 212) is configured to receive data input corresponding to one or more compound words. A processor (206) is configured to identify word combinations of shorter words that may be combined to form a portion ...


W Garland Phillips: Wireless device having context-based operational behavior. Motorola, Charles W Bethards, Hisashi D Watanabe, June 8, 2004: US06748195 (396 worldwide citation)

A wireless device uses profiles associated with one or more contexts, which defines various operating situations. Depending on a context, the wireless device changes its operational behavior in accordance with a defined profile, when a context parameter changes. Among other things, the context can c ...




Jayanthi Rangarajan, David Ladd, Senaka Balasuriya, Curtis Tuckey: System and method for determining a location relevant to a communication device and/or its associated user. Motorola, Randall S Vaas, Hisashi D Watanabe, June 29, 2004: US06757544 (284 worldwide citation)

A method of determining a location relevant to a user of a communication device is provided. The method involves determining general location information of the location relevant to the user and determining a list of location parameters from the general location information. Specific location of the ...



Robert L Geiger, Jyh Han Lin, Rajiv Mehta: Secure wireless electronic-commerce system with wireless network domain. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, Hugh C Dunlop, October 8, 2002: US06463534 (205 worldwide citation)

A method of conducting transactions in a wireless electronic commerce system, where the system comprises a wireless network operator certification authority (