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Thick film inductor suitable for hybrid integrated circuits comprising successive layers of powdered sintered ferromagnetic material in a cured catalyst-hardenable resin binder and a pattern of conductors comprising powdered metal in a cured catalyst-hardenable resin.

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A method which comprises depositing a charge of a selected polarity on the areas coated with insulating material of a semiconductor device having areas of 'bare' semiconductor and areas coated with insulating material, immersing the charged device in a liquid composition comprising an insulating liq ...

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A transducer capable of generating shear waves at microwave frequencies in a propagation medium, comprising an oriented polycrystalline film of zinc oxide on a substrate which is a film of zinc, In.sub.2 O.sub.3, or In.sub.2 O.sub.3 /SnO.sub.2. The zinc oxide film is deposited by rf sputtering, with ...

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The (1102) crystallographic oriented surfaces of sapphire wafers and the (100) crystallographic oriented surfaces of spinel wafers are chemically polished by immersing the wafers in a melt of molten borax. For chemically polishing the sapphire wafers, the melt is heated to a temperature of between 1 ...

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Method of forming an epitaxial crystalline layer on a crystalline substrate by depositing a first portion at a rapid growth rate and a second portion at a slower growth rate.

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A method of batch soldering components of hybrid circuits to substrates comprising advancing the substrates having mounted thereon solder paste layers or preforms on which the components are resting in unsoldered state, along a path which leads through a wave of hot, dense liquid, such that the subs ...

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A method that modifies the composition of a region adjacent the surface of an ion conducting glass body comprises applying an electric field, at an elevated temperature, between opposite surfaces of the glass body to remove substantially all monovalent and most divalent ions from the region. A desir ...

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In growing a single crystal of a compound or an alloy composed of a plurality of compounds, having a volatile element, from a melt of the compound in a sealed ampoule, a quantity of the volatile element is provided to maintain an atmosphere of the volatile element over the melt and the temperature o ...

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A thin, discontinuous film of a catalyst is deposited on a surface to be plated. The surface is rinsed with a solution which includes a wetting agent for the surface, and is then electrolessly plated with a metal.

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A multiplicity of semiconductor devices are made in a semiconductor wafer or slice. Grooves are made in the back of the slice such that individual devices are separated. The grooves preferably do not extend completely through the slice. The grooves are then filled with resin, isolating the devices a ...