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An apparatus for localizing action currents in the heart of a living subject has electrodes for acquiring a distribution of electrical potential on the body surface of the living subject generated by the action currents, a position acquisition unit for determining the spatial position of the electro ...

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The present invention is directed to a solid state image sensing device of an amplifying type which can increase a switching speed during the horizontal scanning by making an output circuit low in impedance. In the output circuit of this amplifying type solid state image sensing device, the FET of s ...

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An LDD-structured field-effect semiconductor device that can eliminate fluctuations in the threshold voltage caused by variations in the position of higher-density diffusion layers, thereby suppressing variations in the threshold voltage to a lower level. The junction depth of each of the lower-dens ...

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A plastic lid having a cavity portion is put to cover a pedestal from its front-surface side to its side-surface side, the pedestal having a semiconductor chip mounted thereon. An adhesive agent is charged into a space between the plastic lid and the pedestal so as to bond the plastic lid with the p ...

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An integrated CMOS circuit, and method for producing same, including a semiconductor substrate having a p-channel MOS transistor and an n-channel MOS transistor formed therein and having a first silicon layer, a stressed Si.sub.1-x Ge.sub.x layer and a second silicon layer which are preferably grown ...

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In a method an apparatus for vaporizing anesthetic liquids, in which a carrier gas is passed through a vaporizer so as to be saturated with vaporized anesthetic liquid, the vaporizer has a container, partially filled with anesthetic liquid, an inlet for a carrier gas, an outlet for carrier gas satur ...

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A method for crystallizing a portion of a semiconductor thin film while forming a semiconductor device comprises providing a transparent substrate supporting a metallic gate electrode and an amorphous semiconductor thin film which are separated from each other by a gate insulating film, heating the ...

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A heat radiation shield has an electrically insulating support on which a mosaic of electrically conductive elementary layers is arranged on at least one side.

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An implantable medical device has a housing containing an accelerometer which detects vibrations of the housing. The accelerometer generates a vibration signal in response to the detected vibrations, which is supplied to a signal processing unit. The signal processing unit generates, for each of a n ...

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A porous Si layer is formed on a single-crystal Si substrate, and then a p.sup.+ -type Si layer, p-type Si layer and n.sup.+ -type Si layer which all make up a solar cell layer. After a protective film is made on the n.sup.+ -type Si layer, the rear surface of the single-crystal Si substrate is bond ...