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A device for determining the respiration rate and/or respiration depth of a patient includes a sensor for sensing heart sounds and an analyzer for analyzing the variation of the amplitude of the sensed heart sounds to determine the respiration rate and/or respiration depth from this amplitude variat ...

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An LDD structure of a thin film transistor for pixel switching is realized on a large glass substrate by low-temperature processes. A thin film semiconductor device for display comprises a display part and a peripheral driving part formed on a glass substrate (0). Pixel electrodes (9) and NchLDD-TFT ...

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A three-dimensional integrated circuit device incorporating any two-dimensional LSIs, such as CCD, MOS-type imaging device and DRAM using trench-type capacitors as its memory cell, can be manufactured economically. Each two-dimensional LSI is prepared by first forming a single-crystal silicon layer ...

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A thermal transfer printer has a thermal print head with a number of thermal print elements which are operated by power electronics and controlled by a control unit to print an imprint on a medium by thermally transferring ink from an inking ribbon to the medium by energization of selected print ele ...

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A solid optical lead formed by a light waveguide having at least two coatings composed of plastic material having an outer layer which is applied directly on the inner layer and is constructed as a flame-retardant layer. The outer layer is constructed as a halogen-free material and comprises an addi ...

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A heterojunction field effect transistor realizing a high performance by a significant decrease. in source resistance while maintaining a sufficiently high gate resistivity to voltage is provided. Sequentially stacked on a c-face sapphire substrate via a buffer layer are an undoped GaN layer, undope ...

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In an artificial ventilation system and a method for controlling the artificial ventilation system for obtaining an optimized artificial ventilation of a lung system of a patient, optimal artificial ventilation is obtained when the blood system of the patient is maximally oxygenated and, at the same ...

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A refractory metal layer is formed on the entire surface of an interlayer insulating film having a connection hole, and then etched back by using an etching gas containing at least one of Kr, Xe, and Rn, each of which is an inert gas element having a large atomic weight. A contact plug is formed by ...

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A color display device such as an active-matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus has a first substrate having pixel electrodes arranged in the form of the matrix, switching elements associated with respective pixel electrodes and color filters aligned with the respective pixel electrodes. The f ...

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A control system with a user configurable interface, particularly suitable for use in connection with appliances. Users can configure display screens either at a point of sale location or at home with, e.g., a personal computer.