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A hand-held, electronic, bi-directional, wireless electronic communication device having a physical configuration which includes a relatively large, constantly visible display and an alphanumeric keyboard that can be concealed until needed.

Gregory G Kuelbs: Umbrella apparatus. World Factory, James E Walton, Melvin A Hunn, Hill & Hunn, September 2, 2003: US06612713 (66 worldwide citation)

A lawn or patio umbrella with an integral lighting system that utilizes cold cathode ray tubes, light emitting diodes (LED's), or florescent lights, to provide relatively bright outdoor light for reading and other activities that require relatively high light intensities is provided. In one emb ...

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A method of selling articles of manufacture which utilizes an electronic communication system to identify a plurality of articles of manufacture, from a plurality of manufacturing entities, which are available for purchase by said plurality of potential purchasers. The steps of the method include: I ...

Louisa Shaefer: Night light. Kenneth C Hill, Hill & Hunn, May 21, 2002: US06390647 (49 worldwide citation)

A night light design which allows for improved functionality over those heretofore available. The basic design is flexible enough to be adapted for either indoor or outdoor use, and for various brightness levels. Particularly for outdoor use, bulbs of up to 15 watts can be used, providing an increas ...

David Torres, Martin Moberly: Cigarette lighter clip. Hill & Hunn, August 13, 2002: US06430782 (47 worldwide citation)

A lighter clip for use with a cigarette pack is inexpensively manufactured from a material such as injection-molded plastic. A generally three-sided clip is sized and shaped to fit across the width and depth of the pack, and contains an arcuate portion, suitable for holding a lighter, on one end. Th ...

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A panel insert for use with a structural panel and a fastener having a hold out mechanism. The panel insert comprises a body portion disposed within the structural panel. The body portion includes a first surface, an opposing second surface, and an aperture passing therethrough for receiving the fas ...

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A telecommunication device comprising a base unit and a cordless handset, wherein said telecommunication device is operable in a plurality of modes of operation. The base unit includes: (1) a ring signal detection module communicatively coupled to a telephone network; (2) a voice communication chann ...

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A trim actuator for actuating mechanical controls in an aircraft flight control system in response to signals from a pilot having a stepper motor, a gear train member coupled to the stepper motor, an output member coupled to the gear train member. The trim actuator has a locked mode in which the mec ...

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A six-axis alignment and installation tool having a multi-component base unit and a plurality of multi-component interchangeable units. Some of the degrees of freedom are provided by the components of the base unit, and the remaining degrees of freedom are provided by the components of each intercha ...

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A monitoring and control system for use in curing composite materials includes a model for a workpiece being cured. The model calculates current internal states of the workpiece and predicts, based upon past and current states of the workpiece, future states of the cure process. These future states ...