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A system is disclosed that facilitates web-based comparison shopping in conventional, physical, non-web retail environments. A wireless phone or similar hand-held wireless device with Internet Protocol capability is combined with a miniature barcode reader (installed either inside the phone or on a ...

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A wireless network system includes a server having a server controller and a server radio modem, and a number of clients each including a client controller and a client radio modem. The server controller implements a server process that includes the receipt and the transmission of data packets via t ...

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A system and method are disclosed for providing an unencumbered capture by a computer system of an object in real-time. An object is placed in a displayer having an appropriate blue-screen surface which is positioned in the view of a camera connected to a computer. The camera captures a frame of an ...

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A system and method for permitting a subject to interact with an electronic image. In one embodiment, the present invention obtains a first electronic image of a scene including the subject. An alpha image of the subject is generated. From the alpha image a characteristic of the subject is determine ...

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A payment method (100) suitable for network (10) transactions in merchandise (12) between purchasers (14) and vendors (18), employing the services of guarantors (16) which issue vouchers (20) for payment. The vendors (18) offer the merchandise (12) on the network (10) as URLs (50), which optionally ...

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According to a broad aspect of a preferred embodiment of the invention, telephone calls, data and other multimedia information is routed through a hybrid network which includes transfer of information across the internet utilizing telephone routing information and internet protocol address informati ...

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A handheld computer keyboard system for use in conjunction with small computerized apparatus such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) features a keyboard, a cover, and an I/O connector to allow a computerized apparatus to be connected to the keyboard. The system also features a retractable stabili ...

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Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for determining one or more characteristics of a sub-image within an electronic image.

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A system and method are provided for dry cleaning articles utilizing a siloxane solvent. The system includes a cleaning basket for receiving articles therein and a one or more tanks for containing a siloxane solvent. Coupled between the tank and the cleaning basket is a pump for immersing the articl ...

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A security apparatus including a number input device (302), an address register (312) responsive to the number input device, an encryption schema memory (316) addressable by the address register to produce an output code and a relative address code, and address incrementing logic (310) responsive th ...