Frank R Shippey, Timothy C Vance, Fred E Martin: Automatic flushing system for membrane separation machines such as reverse osmosis machines. Raypak, Herzig & Walsh, November 16, 1976: US03992301 (156 worldwide citation)

An automatic flushing and cleaning system for membrane separation machines such as reverse osmosis machines having plural modules or membranes. Cleaning may be by way of reducing the pressure to allow the membrane to relax, by the injection of air or inert gas to provide turbulence, and/or by inject ...

Morris Gittleman: Pipe coupling. Familian, Herzig & Walsh, November 29, 1983: US04417755 (95 worldwide citation)

The invention is a pipe coupling particularly adapted for coupling together the ends of pipes that may or may not have annular end ribs, i.e. spigot beads. The coupling embodies a gasket into which the ends of the pipes are fitted. Deformable (semi-rigid) clamping members clamp around the gasket and ...

Grimme Jr Henry L, Osborn Ray: Water purification and vending apparatus. Raypak, Herzig & Walsh Incorporated, December 24, 1974: US3856676 (74 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for purifying water taken from a well, municipal water system or other source including solids removal and then pressure filtration providing treated water and rejected water. A closed storage tank receiving treated water only, with controls for operation of the pressure filtration at inte ...

Frank Halbich: Plastic pillbox. Herzig & Walsh, March 3, 1981: US04253572 (60 worldwide citation)

A dispensing container or box for pills or capsules having multiple individual compartments, which can be individually opened for extracting or dispensing a pill or capsule. The individual compartments are formed by partitions within the container. A top or cover is provided which is initially integ ...

Anthony Hanson: Ratchet wrench. Rodac Pneumatic Tools, Herzig & Walsh, August 31, 1982: US04346630 (57 worldwide citation)

Ratchet wrench, having a motor drive and having a member which oscillates angularly, cooperating with a rotor, which intermittently drives a shaft angularly through a pre-determined number of degrees, the shaft being configurated to carry a socket to fit a nut to be turned. The wrench has a head whi ...

Ralph B Herzig, Howard G Cohen: Cushion utilizing air and liquid. Herzig & Walsh, February 1, 1983: US04370769 (54 worldwide citation)

A cushion having beneficial purposes for both persons having physical disabilities and persons who do not. It is an expandable cushion having a lower chamber for air and an upper chamber for liquid, preferably ordinary water. The water chamber or container is configurated to be over the air containe ...

James L Sullivan, David S Ryan: Portable home gymnasium. Javier R Ruiz, Herzig & Walsh, March 24, 1981: US04257590 (51 worldwide citation)

A portable exercising device of simplified design and construction which enables a user to perform a number of different types of exercises. An upright frame or scaffold is provided. A cage or frame for supporting weights is positionable between uprights at the sides of the frame or scaffold. A syst ...

Moskow Eugene D: Fluid pressure regulator. Herzig & Walsh, June 24, 1975: US3890999 (48 worldwide citation)

A simplified pressure regulator for fluids. The regulator has in-line construction having a tubular in-line valve member that seats against a valve seat in a manner to provide balancing, the in-line construction minimizing pressure drop. The body of the regulator comprises two relatively rotatable p ...

Robinson Roger R, Hardman Stanley J: Seat mounted food tray with vanity mirror. Air Specialties, Herzig & Walsh, March 5, 1974: US3795422 (47 worldwide citation)

A food serving tray adapted particularly for use in aircraft mounted from the back of a seat on pivot arms so that it can be collapsed flush into a recess in the back of the seat. The underside of the tray has a covered vanity mirror adapted to be used when the tray is in collapsed position.

Marvin D Manlove: Modular office accessory for personal items. Herzig & Walsh, September 13, 1983: US04403700 (46 worldwide citation)

An office accessory or utility constructed in the form of a frame or holder that forms a trackway for a plurality of individual modules. Modules are provided individually designed for holding different office items such as pencils, ashtray, photograph, clock, memo pad, calendar, business cards, tape ...