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A newly discovered microorganism was isolated in a biologically pure culture and designated Clostridium ljungdahlii, having the identifying characteristics of ATCC No. 49587. Cultured in an aqueous nutrient medium under anaerobic conditions, this microorganism is capable of producing ethanol and ace ...

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A system for simulating and optimizing a powerhouse, designed to furnish electrical power to a process plant, incorporates a plurality of units for simulating operation of the individual components of the powerhouse, and for calculating the cost of operation of the system as a whole, including the c ...

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A device for reducing air drag on highway vehicles includes a fabric enclosure mounted on the rear end of the vehicle which is self-inflated by a pressure differential between the outer and inner surfaces of the fabric enclosure created by the forward movement of the vehicle. The enclosure includes ...

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An aerosol spectrometer combines the features of forced motion instruments and optical particle sizers. The motion of suspended particles in multiple force fields is used to obtain density, diameter, electrical charge, magnetic moment and other physical attributes of individual particles. Measuremen ...

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A novel composition and/or methods for the diagnosis of tuberculosis wherein the composition comprises a repetitive DNA segment that is specific for members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. The DNA segment repeats in the chromosome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, and is conserved in ...

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A process by which thin films of silicon nitride are deposited on silicon substrates by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition techniques is stabilized by post-deposition rapid thermal annealing at temperatures ranging from about 600.degree. C. to about 700.degree. C. and at times ranging from ab ...

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A system for recognizing and locating in an image, printed data of a known spatial characteristic. A digital matched filter is used to identify the presence of the printed data via an auto correlation between the filter coefficients and the printed data. When an auto correlation is identified, appro ...

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A method for the reduction or elimination of microbes in liquid or food products whereby the passage of a waveform, such as a DC square-wave, of a specific amplitude, duty cycle and current through the liquid or food product for a specific time period, allows for the elimination of microbes such as ...

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There is disclosed herein an inexpensive hand-held device to allow a person to monitor the development of his cataract and record it. The device comprises a light source, a diffusion substance and a pinhole.

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The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for growing poultry or other domesitcated fowl in an indoor environment. In particular, it is directed to an apparatus for efficiently heating and ventilating a poultry house and a method for using the same. Central to the apparatus and met ...