Abdul Gaffar, Thomas G Polefka: Anticalculus oral composition. Colgate Palmolive Company, Herbert S Sylvester, Murray M Grill, Robert L Stone, December 9, 1986: US04627977 (152 worldwide citation)

An oral composition such as a toothpaste (including gel or cream), mouthwash, lozenge, chewing gum or tooth powder containing a calculus-inhibiting amount of a linear molecularly dehydrated polyphosphate salt and, to inhibit enzymatic hydrolysis of said polyphosphate salt in saliva, a combination of ...

Joseph F Stima: Absorbent article. Colgate Palmolive Company, Norman Blumenkopf, Murray M Grill, Herbert S Sylvester, November 23, 1982: US04360021 (145 worldwide citation)

An absorbent article comprising a cover sheet and a backing sheet, the cover and backing sheets being attached in areas without the use of water-insoluble adhesives to form pockets in which a fluid absorbent material is stored. The absorbent article is formed by depositing portions of the fluid abso ...

Maria Corazon S Gaffar: Composition to control mouth odor. Colgate Palmolive Company, Robert L Stone, Murray M Grill, Herbert S Sylvester, February 6, 1979: US04138477 (134 worldwide citation)

A novel composition to prevent and control mouth odor, which is also effective in preventing calculus, plaque, caries and periodontal disease containing as the essential agent, a zinc-polymer combination formed by the reaction or interaction of a zinc compound with an anionic polymer containing carb ...

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A bleaching composition and method utilizing a percompound, an acyl-alkyl ester, and an ester-hydrolyzing enzyme, the ester and the enzyme being adapted to react to form an activator for the percompound.

Diana K Kiozpeoplou: Dispensing container of toothpaste which effervesces during toothbrushing. Colgate Palmolive Company, Robert L Stone, Murray M Grill, Herbert S Sylvester, December 11, 1984: US04487757 (99 worldwide citation)

A container of toothpaste comprises two portions, one containing a stabilized alkali metal bicarbonate and the other containing an acid or acid salt which is reactive with the bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide upon simultaneous dispensing of both portions of the toothpaste. Reaction of the bicar ...

Kuo Yann Lai: High foaming nonionic surfacant based liquid detergent. Colgate Palmolive Company, Herbert S Sylvester, Murray M Grill, Richard N Miller, June 17, 1986: US04595526 (94 worldwide citation)

A high foaming, nonionic surfactant based, light duty, liquid detergent with desirable cleansing properties and mildness to the human skin comprising four essential surfactants:

Michael Dichter, Durydehan Mangaraj, William James King: Treatment of teeth. Colgate Palmolive Company, Robert L Stone, Murray M Grill, Herbert S Sylvester, May 11, 1976: US03956480 (91 worldwide citation)

Treatment of teeth by sorbing onto the tooth surfaces a combination of a cationic germicide and an anionic polymer.

John Edward Grimm III: Dentifrice containing encapsulated flavoring. Colgate Palmolive Company, Steven J Baron, Murray M Grill, Herbert S Sylvester, May 18, 1976: US03957964 (84 worldwide citation)

A dentifrice which releases bursts of flavor during use and includes a minor proportion of an encapsulated flavoring material in a dentifrice. The encapsulated flavoring is maintained separate from the dentifrice base during storage but is released into it by breaking of the encapsulating shells or ...

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A method of preventing and controlling mouth odor which comprises applying a novel oral composition containing an effective amount of a peroxydiphosphate salt to the oral cavity, wherein the peroxydiphosphate salt is activated by the salivary phosphatases to slowly and continuously generate hydrogen ...

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Dish-washing composition containing alkali polyphosphates and silicates, surfactants, peroxized oxygerating agents, enzymes and sufficient alkali for providing a washing bath of pH 11.5.