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A method for marking an egg shell wherein a laser beam is directed onto the egg shell so as to discolor an outer layer of the egg shell without etching substantially into layers of the egg shell underneath the outer layer. The laser delivers a spot with a power density below about 2000 watts/sq. in. ...

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An entertainment system comprising a base unit with a transceiver for interacting, at times, with a control unit via a communications link, and a control unit for controlling the base unit, the control unit being dockable with the base unit to establish direct electrical connection between them, and ...

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Methods and structures for monolithically integrating monocrystalline silicon and monocrystalline non-silicon materials and devices are provided. In one structure, a semiconductor structure includes a silicon substrate and a first monocrystalline semiconductor layer disposed over the silicon substra ...

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The present disclosure relates, in part, to Parylene based conformal coating compositions having improved properties, e.g., improved heat transfer and durability characteristics, as well as a methods and apparatus to coat objects with these compositions, and objects coated with these compositions. I ...

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A method and associated apparatus for capturing an image of a 3D object (100) which encodes the surface geometry of at least a portion of the object, comprising: 1. projecting (304) a plurality of fringe patterns (312A, 314A) onto the object; 2. capturing (306) phase alterations in reflections of th ...

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A method of redirecting light using an actuatable two-layer diffraction grating structure (50), the method having applications in wavelength-division multiplexed systems. The grating structure having a plurality of actuatable grating elements (52).

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A non-optical isolator having a driver circuit for providing an input signal to one or more first passive components which are coupled across a galvanic isolation barrier to one or more corresponding second passive components, and an output circuit that converts the signal from the second passive co ...

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A programmable input voltage range analog-to-digital converter in which a split gate oxide process allows the use of high voltage (± 15 volt) switches on the same silicon substrate as standard sub-micron 5 volt CMOS devices. With this process, the analog input voltage can be sampled directly onto on ...

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An apparatus for biasing a transistor, comprising: a controllable bias generator; a test circuit; a digital Mth order differentiator (66) responsive to an output of the test circuit; and a controller (68) responsive to the digital Mth order differentiator (66) for controlling the contrallable bias g ...

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A system and method for delivering to a digital mobile phone notifications of e-mail or v-mail, or both of them, and for delivering e-mail summaries or v-mail summaries, or both of them, and which makes it possible for a user to configure all of his or her e-mail (and preferably also v-mail) account ...