Jerry A Schmitt: Tri-layer tubing. High Voltage Engineering Corporation, Henry C Nields, December 9, 1986: US04627844 (180 worldwide citation)

A coextruded tri-layered medical-surgical tubing for the administration of common medicines such as insulin and nitroglycerin solutions is disclosed. Improved flexibility and uniformity and increased peel strength are obtained by interposing a layer of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer between an ...

Lawrence T DeParales: Cup cover having opening means. Henry C Nields, April 19, 1988: US04738373 (90 worldwide citation)

A cover for a disposable drinking cup is provided. The cover has a hinged tab defined by score lines which is re-closable. A pair of spaced apart arcuate ribs is provided on the cover which forms an arcuate recess. The recess is designed to releasably engage the tab and retain it in an open position ...

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In a material transfer device, an articulated arm assembly extends and retracts in a "froglike" motion to transfer an object between a plurality of locations. The articulated arm assembly is rotatable about a pivot point in a radial plane and can be raised or lowered in an axial direction to align t ...

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In the transmission of information, particularly long-distance speech signals, between a first and a second station, the information is transmitted from the first to the second station by means of a code alternating current of predetermined frequency and phase-state, and from the second station to t ...

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A non-dustable granular dye comprising dye particles in granular form coated with a coating agent selected from the group consisting of a water-soluble high-molecular weight substance, a monosaccharide and an oligosaccharide.

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A compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.4 is lower alkyl, X is oxygen or sulfur, and n is integer of 3 or 4; R.sub.1 is hydrogen or halogen; R.sub.2 is halogen; R.sub.3 is hydrogen or C.sub.1 -C.sub.8 -alkyl which may have lower alkoxy; a herbicidal composition containing said compound as ...

Norman L Turner: Ion implantation with variable implant angle. Ionex HEI, Henry C Nields, May 17, 1988: US04745287 (38 worldwide citation)

A target holder for an ion implantation system is disclosed. The targets are supported on a disk which is mounted on a motor which spins the disk. The motor is in turn mounted on a shaft which makes a reciprocating scanning movement along its axis. The spinning of the disk and the reciprocation of t ...

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The present invention relates to a highly corrosion-resistant surface-treated steel plate. The steel plate of the present invention comprises a zinc deposition or zinc alloy deposition film as the undercoat deposition layer, a chromate film formed on the undercoat deposition layer and a film of a re ...

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A .beta. type titanium alloy material is passed through processes and heating treatments of cold working--intermediate solution treatment--final cold working--final solution treatment--aging. In this process, a structure, which has been provided with strains by the cold working performed prior to th ...

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Disclosed is a pharmaceutical vehicle comprising (a) a fatty acid glyceride having a melting point higher than 37.degree. C., (b) a water-soluble, low viscous and non-irritating organic substance having a particle size smaller than 28 mesh and a viscosity lower than 300 cps as measured with respect ...