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A method and apparatus is applicable to in situ heating of oil shale or tar sand. The heating is by radio frequency that is applied down hole by a central conductor that extends beyond a coaxial shielding conductor to form the antenna or applicator. Encroachment by the heated formation is overcome b ...

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A static-type fluid-mixing method. It deals with mixing different fluids in a stream which are separated longitudinally. A portion of the stream is diverted laterally and the remainder is reversed after continuing in the original direction for a given distance. Both parts are then mixed by joining o ...

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A cleanout procedure for use in a well with low bottom hole pressure that has become filled with sand. It employs a conductor string of pipe and a wash string of pipe inside the conductor string, both inserted in the well. A high pressure gas is applied to the inner annulus formed by the conductor a ...

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The structure of a gas scrubber for large diameter conduits. It employs an axially located element that forms an annular venturi passage. This eliminates any tendency toward incomplete scrubbing of the gas stream.

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A method and/or system for measuring formation porosity from drilling response. It involves measuring a number of drilling parameters and includes determination of tooth dullness as well as determining a reference torque empirically. One of the drilling parameters is the torque applied to the drill ...

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A synthesis gas cooler has concentric water walls to provide for heat transfer to a fluid in the water wall tubes. The inner water wall is concentric with the cooler shell and has a gas tight inlet connection for introducing hot synthesis gas. The inlet is located at the top of the shell. The bottom ...

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A method or system for measuring thickness of a coating layer on a substrate. It employs acoustic energy and involves transmitting a sweep of frequencies covering a predetermined range through the substrate and its coating. The energies reflected back by the substrate and coating are determined as a ...

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A method for sampling a fluid, as a multi-phase chemical product as liquid chemical tracers from a well in a field of wells comprising basically (1) injecting a sample of the liquid from the well through a plurality of valves, as solenoid valves on a plurality of liquid containers, and (2) controlli ...

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An assembly of a quench ring and dip tube is for use with a reactor vessel. It is particularly beneficial where the reactor generates large quantities of molten slag. The quench ring is mounted against the floor of the reactor vessel for cooling same, and there are a plurality of spray passages dire ...

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A fluid flow meter. It employs measurements related to centrifugal flow of the fluids therethrough. There is a complete loop and means for measuring the differential pressure of the fluid in the loop between the inside and outside of the fluid stream near the middle of the loop. Also there is means ...