Vincent B Steffen: Grain drying apparatus. Henderson Strom and Sturm, July 26, 1977: US04037527 (16 worldwide citation)

Grain drying apparatus of a type having a grain bin having a grain receiving chamber, a plenum chamber for receiving air from an air circulating mechanism, and a perforated floor separating the plenum chamber from the grain receiving chamber. An opening in the side wall of the grain bin is located p ...

Larry A Kopaska: Baled hay transporter. Henderson Strom and Sturm, August 17, 1976: US03974926 (14 worldwide citation)

A baled hay transporter comprising structure rotatably mounted on a wheeled frame or cart for engaging the underside of baled hay and then rotatively lifting the baled hay in a cradling manner, portions of the rotative mechanism serving as part of the cradle mechanism.

Sylvester L Steffen: Solar grain drying apparatus. Henderson Strom and Sturm, September 6, 1977: US04045880 (12 worldwide citation)

A grain storage bin utilizing solar energy to heat air that is circulated through stored grain, having an outside sidewall constructed of heat absorbing material and forming a closed structure. A roof is disposed over the outside sidewalls. An inside sidewall forming a second closed structure is dis ...

Robert D Jones: Volumetric accumulating device. Intraco, Henderson Strom and Sturm, June 28, 1977: US04031857 (10 worldwide citation)

A volumetric accumulating device for use in combination with a conveyor system. The device is connected to the underside of the conveyor system and includes a housing having two sidewalls with two end walls positioned therebetween. One of the end walls includes a portion which converges downwardly t ...

Kenneth E Libersky: Power assist hitch for a hay transport. Henderson Strom and Sturm, September 6, 1977: US04046274 (9 worldwide citation)

A hay transport having a bed mounted upon an axle, the bed being pivotable about the axle. A frame extends forwardly from the axle, and a tilt cylinder is affixed between the frame and the bed. A support structure has an inner sleeve affixed thereto. An outer sleeve slides over the inner sleeve, and ...

Sylvester L Steffen: Ventilation process for inducing biochemical reactions in stored food grain while preserving dormancy. Henderson Strom and Sturm, September 6, 1977: US04045878 (8 worldwide citation)

A process for storing and preserving grain once it has been cured by promoting hydrolysis of the grain starches and proteins to thereby alter the grain composition to a more usable state and to effect and increase in the dry weight of the grain.

Myron E Darling: Locking thread. BJD, Henderson Strom and Sturm, March 22, 1977: US04013110 (7 worldwide citation)

Threads for a fastener of a type having an opening in one member with internal helically-shaped threads around the inner periphery thereof, and another member having helical threads around the outer periphery of a cylindrical portion thereof, wherein the cylindrical portion is adapted to be placed i ...

Marion Edward Hutchison: Orbital trench forming apparatus. Henderson Strom and Sturm, August 2, 1977: US04038763 (2 worldwide citation)

A trenching apparatus of a type for use particularly in hard or discontinuous soils. First and second triangular members, having digging teeth connected to the leading edges thereof, are connected to the housing by three crank assemblies. One of the crank assemblies is coupled to the motor for turni ...