Wulff Goldwyn L: Flexible needle and guard device for a hypodermic syringe. Henderson & Strom, May 20, 1975: US3884230 (94 worldwide citation)

A flexible needle and guard device for a hypodermic syringe substantially reducing the bending and breaking of needles when an innoculation is administered. The device including a flexure tube interconnected between the syringe and the needle thus permitting the needle to pivot laterally, and a guar ...

Burdette J Moor: Naso-gastric tube holder. Henderson Strom Sturm Cepican & Fix, October 17, 1978: US04120304 (48 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for holding a naso-gastric tube in position relative to a patient's nares, while at the same time permitting a reasonable degree of freedom for the patient to move without significant discomfort. The device includes a clamp for fixedly and movably engaging a naso-gastric tube and an adh ...

Rodney Jene Satory: Acoustical seal. Henderson & Strom, March 16, 1976: US03944018 (43 worldwide citation)

An acoustical ear muff arrangement having an identical acoustical sealing muff for each ear, the muffs being connected together by an adjustable spring wire structure for holding a muff over each ear. Each muff has a dish-shaped portion with elastomeric foamed material therein, and with a novel non- ...

Borglum Keith B: Cover assembly. Henderson & Strom, July 23, 1974: US3825215 (43 worldwide citation)

A cover assembly for refuse containers or the like including dampening means adapted to allow the cover to close slowly and automatically from any open position. The cover and dampening device (preferably a telescoping hydraulic cylinder) are connected by pivot means to a post which may be fixed in ...

Noland Wayne B: Electrically heated fluid conduit coupler. Henderson & Strom, January 8, 1974: US3784785 (39 worldwide citation)

A flexible conduit coupler for connecting a water source to a point of use, such as a house trailer, in conditions where the fluid is subjected to freezing temperatures. The coupler includes an elongated flexible heating conduit secured in side-by-side heat exchange contact with the major portion of ...

Harold W Godberson, Gary L Godberson: Method of paving. Henderson Strom & Sturm, February 14, 1978: US04073592 (38 worldwide citation)

A machine for concurrently laying a dual-layered cementitious composition on a base surface with the layers having different compositions. A self-propelled main frame has an adjustable platform frame overlying the main frame. Adjustable support elements are coupled to the main frame for changing the ...

Egermayer George W: Sign holding and framing assembly. Henderson & Strom, May 27, 1975: US3885335 (38 worldwide citation)

A sign holding and framing assembly having a holding member pivotally juxtaposed against a frame. A clip member releasably holds the frame and holding member in juxtaposed relation, whereby a sign portion is tightly held therebetween.

Byron L Godbersen: Apparatus for handling bales. Henderson Strom & Sturm, July 13, 1976: US03968940 (32 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for handling bales having the capability to engage, lift, transport and feed bales of hay. A frame is adapted to be connected to a three-point hitch of a tractor. Pivotally connected to the frame along an axis substantially parallel to the direction of movement of the tractor is a first ...

Killion Marvin L, Williams Richard R: Turf perforating tool. Henderson & Strom, March 19, 1974: US3797577 (32 worldwide citation)

A turf perforating tool for use with conventional turf perforating equipment, the tool having a hinge plate secured to a reciprocating shaft, a hinge mechanism interconnecting the plate to a cap, and a cutting element having a core passage formed therein and threadably secured to the cap, wherein th ...

Robert D Goode: Object loading and unloading apparatus. Henderson Strom & Sturm, May 17, 1977: US04023690 (30 worldwide citation)

An object loading and unloading apparatus of a type having a framework adapted to be connected to a truck bed. A track is connected to the framework, the track having a forward horizontal portion and rearward inclined portion. A frame having forklift members connected perpendicularly to the bottom t ...