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The invention provides proteins from Neisseria meningitidis, including the amino acid sequences and the corresponding nucleotide sequences. The proteins are predicted to be useful antigens for vaccines and/or diagnostics.

Derek O Hagan, Manmohan Singh, Janet Wendorf, Jina Kazzaz, Padma Malyala: Microparticles containing biodegradable polymer and cationic polysaccharide for use in immunogenic compositions. Novartis, Helen Lee, David B Bonham, April 30, 2013: US08431160 (40 worldwide citation)

Immunogenic compositions are described herein which comprise microparticles that further comprise a biodegradable polymer. The microparticle compositions also comprise a cationic polysaccharide and an immunological species selected from an antigen, an immunological adjuvant and a combination thereof ...

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An influenza vaccine adjuvanted with a sub-micron oil-in-water emulsion elicits significantly higher immune responses in human pediatric populations. Compared to an existing unadjuvanted pediatric influenza vaccine, the adjuvanted vaccines provided herein can induce in children a longer persistence ...

Derek O Hagan, Manmohan Singh: Compositions for inducing immune responses. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Helen Lee, David Bonham, Robert Gorman, June 8, 2010: US07731967 (34 worldwide citation)

The invention provides, inter alia, immunogenic compositions comprising a first antigen, at least two adjuvants, wherein a first adjuvant comprises a polymer derived from poly(lactides) and/or poly(lactide-co-glycolides), and wherein a second adjuvant comprises an imidazoquinoline, wherein said firs ...

Astrid Borkowski: Multiple vaccination including serogroup C meningococcus. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Helen Lee, Otis Littlefield, May 21, 2013: US08444992 (34 worldwide citation)

Various improvements to vaccines that include a serogroup C meningococcal conjugate antigen, including: (a) co-administration with acellular B. pertussis antigen; (b) co-administration with an inactivated poliovirus antigen; (c) supply in a kit together with a separate pneumococcal conjugate compone ...

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Microparticles with adsorbent surfaces, methods of making such microparticles, and uses thereof, are disclosed. The microparticles comprise a polymer, such as a poly(α-hydroxy acid), a polyhydroxy butyric acid, a polycaprolactone, a polyorthoester, a polyanhydride, and the like, and are formed using ...

Vega Masignani, Marirosa Mora, Maria Scarselli: proteins and nucleic acids. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Helen Lee, Lisa Hemmendinger, October 27, 2009: US07608276 (25 worldwide citation)

The invention provides proteins from Staphylococcus aureus including amino acid sequences and the corresponding nucleotide sequences. The proteins are useful for vaccines, immunogenic compositions, diagnostics, enzymatic studies and also as targets for antibiotics.

Derek O Hagan, Manmohan Singh: Method of obtaining cellular immune responses from proteins. Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Helen Lee, David Bonham, Robert Gorman, October 20, 2009: US07604802 (15 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a cellular immune response in a vertebrate subject comprising administering to the vertebrate subject a vaccine composition comprising a protein particle antigen and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient is disclosed.

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Compositions are provided which include biodegradable microparticles with entrapped or adsorbed antigens, in combination with submicron oil-in-water emulsions. Also provided are methods of immunization which comprise administering to a vertebrate subject (a) a submicron oil-in-water emulsion, and (b ...