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A high-toughness thermoplastic polyamide composition resistant to impact even at low temperature, formed from polyamides of type 6 or 66 in mixture with alternating elastomer copolyesteramides in a quantity of between 3 and 10% and preferably between 5 and 7% by weight.

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A bipolar electrocautery surgical snare is described capable of performing the endoscopic removal of growths within a body cavity with improved precision and accuracy. The bipolar surgical snare comprises an electrically insulating elongated double lumen tubular member, a pair of flexible electrical ...

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The present invention provides a system that provides a gas delivery system which is capable of cyclically delivering a selectable volume of gas at a predetermined rate for a predetermined interval. This system is useful as a miniature respirator or as a wearable driver for a pneumatic total artific ...

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A construction panel having first and second edge portions arranged for interconnection with respective second and first edge portions of similar panels, the first and second edge portions being configured for mating engagement at at least two locations, the first edge portion including a generally ...

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Internal prosthesis for the substitution of a part of the human body particularly in vascular surgery, which has a body (2) with a substantially tubular configuration made of plastic material tolerated by the human body and suitable for being associated by its free ends through a suture, to the ends ...

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A system for automatically collecting and storing utility data and transmitting the stored data from the user premises to a remote location. The system comprises interface means for converting the utility usage data into data signals that can be recorded and a microprocessor for storing the utility ...

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A catalyst composition useful in preparing 3,3,3-trifluoropropene by the reaction of hydrogen fluoride gas with a halogenated hydrocarbon is provided. A novel catalyst is prepared by simultaneous fluorination of chromium and aluminum oxides. This or conventional chromium oxyfluoride compounds may ad ...

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New and improved thermoplastic compositions are disclosed comprising a blend of an aromatic polycarbonate and a copolymer derived from a glycol portion comprising 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol and ethylene glycol present in molar ratios of 1:4 to 4:1 respectively and an acid portion comprising an aromat ...

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An ultraviolet radiation-curable silicone coating composition is disclosed which, when applied to a solid substrate, provides an abrasion-resistant coating firmly adhered thereon. The silicone coating composition is free of residual solvent and free of toxic hydroxy acrylates, and is prepared from t ...

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A process for the epoxidation of olefinic compounds, consisting of reacting said compounds with hydrogen peroxide either introduced as such or produced by substances capable of generating it under the reaction conditions, in the presence of synthetic zeolites containing titanium atoms, of general fo ...