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A clamp designed for use in the heart-surgery field for osteosynthesis following on sternotomy has a roughly C-shaped configuration with a core (11) terminating at opposite ends with hooks (12) set opposite to one another. In the centre, the said core (11) extends vertically according to a plane whi ...

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An electronic data display system (EDDS) which includes a system for containing a multiple data field environment (MDFE) including portions of displayable data; at least first and second displays for displaying data contained within the MDFE, capable of displaying data selected from different portio ...

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The present invention relates to methods for identifying inhibitors of the bitter taste response, and by methods of using such inhibitors to either block the perception of bitterness and/or promote the perception of a sweet taste. The inhibitors of the invention may be used as flavor enhancers in fo ...

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An adjustable shower head has a nozzle assembly and a controlling device fitted in a hollow body portion. A knob operably fitted in the base is partially extended out of the base and the body portion. A driving gear carried by the knob is mated with a driven gear integrally formed around the rotary ...


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A solid electric cell includes a case, a negative electrode, a positive electrode and a solid electrolyte. The negative electrode, positive electrode and solid electrolyte are disposed in the case in such a manner that the negative electrode opposes the positive electrode through the solid electroly ...



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There is provided a glass-ceramic composite electrolyte including a medium containing glass-ceramic powder impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolytic solution. There is also provided a lithium secondary cell having a positive electrode, a negative electrode and a separator in which the separator in ...

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The disclosure relates to a device for controlling or adjusting the penetration depth of a needle, specifically designed for application to an injection syringe, comprising an element designed for contacting a person's skin, said contact element including a surface which encompasses, at least p ...