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A semiconductor device having a semiconductor element and a plurality of segments formed by dividing a conductive plate. Some of the segments are electrically coupled with electrodes of said semiconductor element and constitute lead pad portions as mounting electrodes of the semiconductor device. Ot ...

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A method and apparatus for testing an image sensor array such as a C-MOS imager which has sensing circuits arranged in rows and columns and wherein the sensing circuits include photosensitive devices is described. A reset voltage is applied to the photosensitive device in each of the sensor circuits ...

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An apparatus and method of coupling structures to a roof is made up of a multi-layered roofing assembly having a structure with a first portion disposed between the layers and a second portion disposed outside the layers. The structure may be embodied as a snow guard to help maintain snow on a roof ...

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The present invention involves coatings deposited on a substrate including a layer having a selected resistivity. The resistive layer can serve as a heat source in a variety of applications and can be fabricated using an arc plasma spraying procedure.

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An entertainment device for use by animals is disclosed. The entertainment device can have a hollow enclosure with access openings and exit openings. The hollow enclosure may have one or more play items with diameters larger than the access openings and the exit openings within the enclosure. The ho ...

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A cable retractor assembly is capable of retracting a cable onto a rotatable reel, the rotatable reel being urged to rotate in a predetermined direction by a biasing force. A moveable actuator when located in a first position is capable of overcoming the biasing force that urges the cable to be woun ...

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A method for manufacturing a multi-level interconnection structure in a semiconductor device includes the steps of consecutively forming an anti-diffusion film and an interlevel dielectric film on a first level Cu layer, forming first through third hard mask films on the interlevel dielectric film, ...

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A motor allowing multiple degrees of output freedom includes a stator having an interior surface forming at least a portion of a sphere or curved surface and first and second substantially orthogonally positioned stator coils wound on the interior surface. A rotor is fixed to an output shaft and mov ...