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A coaxial connector comprising a male half of conventional construction and a female half having an annular electrical contact member which is a spring and which functions to provide continuous annular outer conductor electrical contact and RFI suppression. The annular spring member provides continu ...

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A hermetically sealed connector, suitable for use in the construction of a launcher for the transfer of energy from a coaxial cable to an integrated circuit, comprising an annular body defining a bore in which is disposed an annular insulator which in turn supports a central electrical contact, said ...

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Apparatus for continuously producing an elongated strip-like fastener member is disclosed which facilitates highly efficient formation of the fastener member with a great multiplicity of resiliently flexible hook-like projections. The method comprises the formation of an extrusion of plastic materia ...

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A solderless connector for semi-rigid coaxial cable having an elongate annular outer conductor, a center conductor coaxial with said outer conductor and a dielectric material spacing the inner and outer conductors apart, the connector comprising a housing having an annular portion defining a bore ad ...

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A probing apparatus is used to measure electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device formed on a wafer. The apparatus includes means for holding the wafer in a vertical or slightly leaned position on a frame, a contact needle, three-directional drive means for holding the needle on the frame ...

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An automatic sliding door system for vehicles to operate opening and closing movements of a sliding door of a vehicle automatically and safely from a driver's seat as well as outside of the vehicle, comprises a guide rail affixed to the body so that the sliding door can be guided along the rail by s ...

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An attachment device for inserting and removing the spike for obtaining fluids from a medical fluid bag such as an IV bag or a bag for peritoneal dialysis comprises a base holding the spike positioned to be inserted into the neck of the bag, and opposed toggles pivoting on the base which engage the ...

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A method and an apparatus for surveilling RF signals, the apparatus comprising a receiver for receiving RF signals at a selectively variable reception frequency and converting any signal received at that frequency to a predetermined IF signal, a sampling circuit for sampling the IF signal and provid ...

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A safety seat for a vehicle of the type comprising a shell 10 forming a seat portion 12 a back portion 14 and two side portions 16 and 18, which are covered by a fabric seat cover 50, is made adjustable in width by providing a plurality of filler strips 54, 56 which fit between the cover 50 and the ...

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A process for the chromatographic separation of nucleic acid using a chromatographic carrier material is described in which the surface of the carrier material is specially modified.