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A semiconductor mass storage system and architecture can be substituted for a rotating hard disk. The system and architecture avoid an erase cycle each time information stored in the mass storage is changed. (The erase cycle is understood to include, fully programming the block to be erased, and the ...

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An electromagnetic transducer for improving hearing in a hearing impaired person comprises a magnet assembly and a coil secured inside a housing which is fixed to an ossicle or a middle ear. The coil is more rigidly secured to the housing than the magnet. The magnet assembly and coil are configured ...

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A telephone headset uses extruded thermoplastic with a pair of embedded steel wires to make the headband and microphone boom. The extrusion is formed by feeding the two wires through the extruding die along with the hot plastic. The two wires serve to stiffen the extrusion and also as electrical con ...

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An integrated application controlled call processing and messaging system for use with a telephone system. The preferred embodiment comprises a PBX or central office system (Centrex) coupled to a voice messaging system to which an applications processor is coupled. The PBX and voice messaging system ...

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A Reed-Solomon Galois Field Euclid algorithm error correction decoder solves Euclid's algorithm with a Euclid stack which can be configured to function as a Euclid divide or a Euclid multiply module. The decorder is able to resolve twice the erasure errors by selecting .GAMMA.(x) and T(x) as the ini ...

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An integrated automated manufacturing system for finishing individual garments is provided. The system includes a conveyor system, a fixture constructed for movement on the conveyor in a predetermined orientation, a form mounted on the fixture for holding a garment for finishing in a predetermined f ...

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A refrigerated container incorporating welded corrugated steel external walls having insulation disposed within the interior to form an insulated structure. A refrigeration compressor power by an electric motor together with a diesel engine operatively connected to an electrical generator for supply ...

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The production of antivenoms in non-mammals and improvements in the effectiveness of both non-mammalian antivenoms and mammalian antivenoms so that they are more suitable for treatment of humans and animals as well as for analytical use.

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An output circuit includes a totem-pole output circuit for driving a power MOSFET. A pull-up circuit and a pull-down circuit drive the output node low or high as required. The circuit prevents the pull-up and pull-down circuits from simultaneously conducting current. The pull-up circuit has a pull-u ...

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A multi-line facsimile communication system, where two or more telephone lines are used simultaneously to transmit messages in order to increase the aggregate channel capacity and thereby increase transmission speed and reduce the transmission time. The system further incorporates back channel techn ...