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A device for management of diabetes using a programmable microprocessor based unit having a display, keyboard, and memory. The keyboard is for inputting information concerning carbohydrates ingested by a user. The microprocessor is programmed to determine an amount of insulin to be used by a user ba ...

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A biodegradable porous drug delivery device for controllably releasing a pharmacological agent is disclosed which comprises a hollow tube closed at both ends having an interior surface and an exterior surface, the tube formed of a mixture of polycaprolactone and a pore-creating agent, the tube furth ...

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A video endoscopes with interchangeable endoscope heads which enables the operative hook up or connection of any of a variety of interchangeable endoscope heads including optical or objective elements for receiving and transmitting images of an object or target to be examined with both a video camer ...

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A needle guard assembly for use in conjunction with a syringe or like device having a needle projecting from one end thereof comprising a first tubular member having one end constructed to cooperatively receive the needle end portion of a syringe with the needle extending therethrough, a second tubu ...

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In one embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus and method for establishing the perimeter of a work site for a mobile machine capable of operating autonomously or semi-autonomously includes activating a learning mode, positioning the mobile machine at a plurality of locations on the perimet ...

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A computerized system having means for displaying a digital image of an object such as an object of artwork supplied by the user, analyzing the color composition of the image, searching a database for coordinating frame and matting material products, developing composite images of the user's input w ...

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A two-piece telescoping shelf adaptor construction adaptable to be supported on a shelf structure in a flat or inclined position and adjustable to accommodate varying shelf depths comprising first and second members each being formed having a similar number of spaced parallel adjacent guide channels ...

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A product display rack adaptable for use on a support structure for storing and merchandising shelved products comprising an open grid wire rack structure formed by a plurality of connected spaced rod members including front and rear wall portions and spaced rod members connected therebetween, the s ...

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Method and apparatus for drilling into earth strata surrounding a well casing utilizing a rotating fluid discharge nozzle and reduction of static head pressure in the well casing in conjunction with the drilling operation.

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A product display and merchandising device adaptable to be supported on a supporting surface comprising a unitary base member having front, rear, and opposed side walls and an inclined floor portion extending therebetween, the floor portion including a plurality of upstanding wall portions forming a ...