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A device for examining the heart is provided with a catheter adapted to be placed within the heart and including at one end thereof, circumferentially arranged, equidistantly distributed elements, serving for the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves. The catheter has an axis and the elemen ...

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Apparatus for photo-recording road ruts comprising projecting a beam of light having a linear boundary between bright and dark portions from a light projector onto a road surface in the transverse direction of the road, and photographing the boundary portion in a camera from a position having a pred ...

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A multi-penetration vaccination apparatus comprising a mounting having on e side a manually engageable portion for the handling of the apparatus and on the other side one or more levels of supports adapted for removable press-fit of one extremity of concentric sleeves, the free extremity of the slee ...

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A method for guiding a stereotaxic instrument at a target point in an intracerebral cavity comprising fixing detachable roentgenocontrast markers with respect to the patient's cranium, then effecting contrast roentgenography and determining the relative position of the markers and intracerebral refe ...

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A portable nasal diffuser comprising a respiratory assembly having a nasal mask to be worn over the nose, or two sleeves to be inserted into the nostrils of a user, the assembly being provided with two apertures constituting air inlet and outlet apertures respectively. First and second respective va ...

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For the care of skin there is contemplated the use of untreated, soluble collagen having an unchanged substantially non-crosslinked collagen structure and obtained by the direct extraction from the connective tissue of skin.

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Method for preventing moulding or other microbial surface deterioration of foods and feeds due to micro-organisms by using a preservative substance, either a chemically defined food additive or a vegetable extract having microbicidal or microbe-inhibiting effect. The preservative is applied in the f ...

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The invention pertains to a set of golf clubs of the type known as irons, wherein the center of gravity of each head is placed very low while the height of the frontal area of the heads is a constant throughout the set.

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A key input device which forms a key switch with high reliability or an integrated keyboard with small dimensions which can produce coded signals with high reliability and a S/N ratio of high value without any encoder circuits, comprising a piezoelectric polymer film, applied as a pressure sensor, h ...

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An endoscope for displaying a color picture image of an object to be visualized in a hollow cavity is disclosed. The endoscope comprises a sheath to be inserted into said hollow cavity and an exterior circuit. The sheath includes a self-scanning type solid state image pick-up device, a bundle of lea ...