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This invention relates to an appliance for correction of spinal curvatures, performed in course of treatment by means of surgical struts.

Herbert Funck: Shoe soles with non-slip profile. Haseltine and Lake, June 23, 1981: US04274211 (61 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a shoe sole made of flexible rubber material with a non-slip profile on the wearing side.

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An optical information reading-out apparatus which makes use of a focusing and tracking mechanism including first and second leaf springs for connecting an objective lens supporting body to first and second supporting members, respectively, and adapted to be moved in tracking and focusing directions ...

Jin Hirai: Endoscope washing apparatus. Haseltine and Lake, November 10, 1981: US04299244 (42 worldwide citation)

An endoscope washing apparatus in which the optical-fiber tube of an endoscope is submerged in flowing water into which a multiplicity of air streams are injected to produce a myriad of foams, which impinge upon the outer peripheral surface of the tube for removing contaminants or stains from the su ...

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Apparatus for increasing the flow speed of a medium such as air and for recovering its kinetic energy, comprising a series of concentrical, substantially symmetrically arranged annular members separated by annular slots, said members in the direction towards length axis of the apparatus, which coinc ...

Paul Manella: Peristaltic pump with means compressing its tube in two directions. Doltron, Haseltine and Lake, November 24, 1981: US04302164 (34 worldwide citation)

A hose pump comprising a number of movable pressure elements composed of a first pressure device and a second pressure device. The first pressure device is constituted by an element which is movable to-and-fro with respect to a counter pressure surface and the second pressure device contains element ...

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A ski boot comprises a continuous shell surrounding the foot (bottom of the shell) and the front of the bottom of the leg (upper) and respectively having zones of differnt rigidity and a rear cover or spoiler pivoted on said shell approximately in the malleolar zone surrounding the rear of said bott ...

Herbert Funck: Sole-unit for protective footwear. Haseltine and Lake, June 9, 1981: US04271607 (31 worldwide citation)

A sole-unit for protective footwear comprising a prefabricated tread sole of a heat resistant plastic material, for example of nitrile rubber, with open-top cavities in the heel region and a steel plate inlay in a region directly beneath the inner sole of the upper shoe.

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The surface defect detecting apparatus for rotating cylindrical metal pieces which move in a lengthwise direction relative to a sensor block, has a plurality of eddy-current flaw detecting coils facing the test piece. The sensor block rotates about a horizontal axis extending vertically with respect ...

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New derivatives of doxorubicine of the formula ##STR1## wherein R represents a radical of the formula ##STR2## wherein R.sub.1 represents hydrogen, alkyl (possibly substituted with amino, alkylamino, dialkylamino, hydroxy, mercapto or methylthio), phenyl, benzyl (possibly substituted with one or mor ...