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A pipeline scheduler provides a minimum bandwidth guarantee by transporting cells from an input port to an output port in a two-phased approach. Cells that conform to a minimum cell rate (MCR) are selected from queues at the input port and arranged into supercells for transport to the output port, f ...

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A traceless midplane contains substantially no traces, pins, or active components and includes a front portion and a back portion. The front portion includes first connectors. The back portion includes second connectors arranged in a grid pattern. Each of the second connectors includes electrically- ...

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A system provides medical training over a network. The system receives a medical topic indication, retrieves at least one graphical user interface related to the medical topic, and provides the retrieved graphical user interface over the network to a user.

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A multi-line telephony system and method deliver multiple concurrent telephone conversations to a customer premise via a single traditional twisted-pair communications connection, and support telephone services via a traditional dial-up connection. Improved packet-based communications are performed ...

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A system assures the accuracy of information and the performance of services provided by an entity. The system receives a request from the entity to bond the information and services provided by the entity and evaluates the accuracy of the information and the performance of the services. The system ...

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A toolbar that is provided or inserted in a markup language document so as to facilitate features or functionality provided by a server is disclosed. The toolbar is able to determine whether the toolbar should be displayed as part of the markup language page being displayed. In one embodiment the se ...