John Zebelean: Metal golf driver. Pro Pattern, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, February 21, 1984: US04432549 (267 worldwide citation)

An all metal hollow golf driver is formed by casting a first main part from metal, e.g., stainless steel, in the shape of practically a complete golf driver, except for an opening on one side of the driver body, e.g., the sole side. A second cast part fits within the opening and is weldable thereto ...

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A flexible endoscope with a laser connected thereto for simultaneous viewing and performance of surgery on the interior stomach wall. A low power laser operating in the visible light range with the laser beam directed to one or more individual fiber optic fibers carried on an endoscope for performin ...

Michael Bass, Richard M Dwyer: Multichannel endoscope. University of Southern California, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, March 27, 1979: US04146019 (127 worldwide citation)

A flexible endoscope for insertion into a body cavity for visual observation and medical procedures. A vacuum line slidable in a tube in the endoscope for projection beyond the distal end of the endoscope, with vacuum control, providing for removal of blood clots and the like while observing the ope ...

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A telephone answering system for receiving calls from a caller and forwarding caller information to an owner's telephone. An automatic message center which provides instructions to a caller via the owner's outgoing message, receives and stores the caller's telephone number and information on the sub ...

Jack M Feliz: Step-climbing wheel chair. Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, September 16, 1980: US04222449 (93 worldwide citation)

An improved step-climbing wheel chair with integral retractable ramps for ascending or descending a step, curb or the like. The conveyance is provided with a two-speed transmission capable of driving the wheel chair on level terrain at conventional speeds or selecting a low speed high torque capabil ...

Karman Harvey: Abortifacient. Medical Concepts, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, May 14, 1974: US3810456 (90 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine device for use as an abortifacient, a method of making the device, and method of inducing an abortion. The device is a strip or ribbon of plastic material set in a coiled configuration. The coiled strip retains a memory of its generally circular form and tends to maintain a coiled pl ...

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A fluid dispenser having a fluid storage container and a plunger carried in the container, with the plunger being manually pushable inward for dispensing fluid from the container. The container includes a valve cylinder mounted in the container and having an inner opening and an interior passage for ...

Genho Robert: Laser level and square. Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, August 5, 1975: US3897637 (86 worldwide citation)

A building level having a laser providing two and three beams simultaneously at 90.degree. to each other, and means for leveling and aligning the unit, and means for rotating the unit 90.degree. to provide grade and vertical.

Melissa E Orme, Eric P Muntz: Apparatus for droplet stream manufacturing. University of Southern California, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, November 9, 1993: US05259593 (83 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacture of a net form product, including directing a stream of liquid from a nozzle onto a collector of the shape of the desired product, applying a disturbance to the stream, preferably an amplitude modulated disturbance, to produce a droplet stream, and with the nozzle and collecto ...

Ray J Martin: Controller for battery charger. Christie Electric, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, May 24, 1988: US04746852 (78 worldwide citation)

A controller for a battery charger terminates battery charging operation as a function of a time derivative of measured battery voltage. The controller has analog and digital embodiments. A controller with means for determining a time derivative of the measured battery voltage, determining a change ...