Allen J Tower: Impermeable expandable intravascular stent. Numed, Harris Beach & Wilcox, February 14, 1995: US05389106 (558 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a radially expandable stent for intravascular implantation comprising a distensible frame and an impermeable deformable membrane interconnecting portions of the frame to form an impermeable exterior wall. The membrane is formed of a synthetic non-latex, non-vinyl polymer, and the ...

Edward L Schlueter Jr, Paul A DeSarra: Method and system aiding medical diagnosis and treatment. Med Graph, Harris Beach & Wilcox, September 19, 2000: US06122351 (500 worldwide citation)

A method and system that assists medical practitioners who treat or prescribe treatment of patients having a medical condition which requires long-term profiling of medical data taken from the patient's body. Medical practitioners, their assistants, and patients take medical readings of predetermine ...

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A method is disclosed for the reading graphical indicia that are encoded in accordance with a multidimensional symbology. The indicia are repeatedly scanning a signal representative of a pattern thereof until sufficient information is recognized to assure a valid reading operation. The signal, or a ...

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A two dimensional (2D) matrix symbology for use with bar code and other optical readers. A finder structure includes a center square and a plurality of nested squares having centers that approximately coincide with the center square. A symbol descriptor located adjacent to the finder structure encod ...

Christian Mai: Multibranch osteosynthesis clip with dynamic compression and self-retention. Harris Beach & Wilcox, December 12, 1995: US05474557 (267 worldwide citation)

An osteosynthesis clip is made of a thermoelastic martensitic alloy, the martensitic and austenitic transformation temperatures M.sub.s and A.sub.s of which can vary, depending on the applications, between -20.degree. C. to 70.degree. C. The clip includes side branches intended to be inserted on eit ...

Allen J Tower: Stent implantation system. Numed, Harris Beach & Wilcox, December 9, 1997: US05695498 (250 worldwide citation)

A device for implanting a radially expandable stent that includes a balloon catheter having a balloon formed of a material having a memory so that when inflated to a first pressure the two end sections of the balloon expand to a first diameter as the waist therebetween expands to a lesser diameter. ...

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A linear bar code symbology combines delta distance start and stop patterns, a space efficient, bit oriented data character structure, and Reed-Solomon redundancy for error detection and correction. A method of writing the bar code structures onto a character medium and reading the resulting symbols ...

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A method of improving throughput in a scanner whose scanning action is capable of being stopped and started instantly, comprising the steps of A) storing results of a first scan of a target containing indicia in a first region of a memory and B) upon determining that the first scan is complete 1) de ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for detecting bar-space and space-bar transitions in a bar code symbol. A sequence of sparsely sampled analog signals from a photodetector in a bar code scanner is representative of the reflectance pattern of a symbol.

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A bar code detection circuit accepts as input the discretized analog output of a CCD array, and performs piecewise linear reconstruction to produces a continuous polylinear output signal. In the region of a bar/space transition, the output signal is a close approximation of the reflectance function ...