Sarbjeet S Kumar: Surgical staple. Harrington A Lackey, September 9, 1986: US04610251 (187 worldwide citation)

A surgical staple for use in joining the opposed edges of an incision in the skin of a patient, in which the staple includes an elongated straight bridge portion, a pair of anchor prongs projecting in the same direction from the opposite ends of the bridge portion, and a pair of positioning prongs p ...

Eric Wood: Method of lining a pipe. Insituform, Harrington A Lackey, February 22, 1977: US04009063 (170 worldwide citation)

A method of lining a passageway with a hard, rigid pipe of thermosetting resin, wherein a tubular fibrous felt is immersed in the resin to form a carrier for the resin. The immersed felt and resin have an inflatable tube therein and this tube is inflated to shape the resin to the passageway surface. ...

Stanley G Guinn: Door latching apparatus actuated by cleansing agent sensor. Harrington A Lackey, July 6, 1976: US03967478 (69 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for unlatching a door to a hygienic area actuated by sensor electrodes in contact with the electrolytic residue of a cleansing agent upon the hand or limb of a person desiring access to the hygienic area.

Milton A Moskovitz: Foldable cart. Accurate Metal Products, Harrington A Lackey, April 26, 1988: US04740010 (62 worldwide citation)

A foldable cart including a plurality of vertically spaced pairs of shelf members, their outer ends being pivotally connected to a pair of end frames, a lift bar pivotally connected to the inner ends of the shelf members and linked to the end frames for collapsing the shelf members and end frames to ...

Roy T Card: Dual shiftable needle bars for tufting machine. Tuftco Corporation, Harrington A Lackey, January 4, 1983: US04366761 (62 worldwide citation)

A tufting machine having a pair of transversely shiftable needle bars and pattern-controlled discrete actuator means for independently shifting each of said needle bars in accordance with predetermined patterns.

Herbert H Stuart: Lact Assist Incorporated, Harrington A Lackey, July 14, 1987: US04680028 (59 worldwide citation)

A breast receptor for a breast pump having means for creating a vacuum within the breast receptor in which the wall thicknesses of the flexed portions of the receptor engaging the nipple and areola are reduced in order to produce optimum lactating conditions, including optimum responsiveness to the ...

Edwin L Nix, Bobby E Davenport: Truck bed liner. Harrington A Lackey, January 1, 1980: US04181349 (48 worldwide citation)

A truck bed liner comprising a tailgate liner having top and bottom hook-shaped flanges adapted to conform to and receive the top and bottom edge surfaces of the tailgate of a truck bed so that the tailgate liner may be snap-fastened to cover the interior surface of the tailgate, without any separat ...

F Wayne Summers: Humidity indicating diaper cover. Harrington A Lackey, April 27, 1976: US03952746 (47 worldwide citation)

A humidity indicator for a diaper including a moisture impervious outer sheet and a moisture absorbent inner sheet. A transparent opening is formed in the outer sheet either for viewing a moisture indicator strip behind the outer sheet or for exposing the moisture indicator strip on the outside of t ...

A Juris Leikarts: Shelf connector assembly. Nashville Wire Products, Harrington A Lackey, April 15, 1986: US04582001 (47 worldwide citation)

A shelf connector assembly including cooperating dove-tail connector members respectively attached to the shelf and an upright post, in which the connector members are provided with mating tapering flanges for cooperative longitudinal slidable locking engagement in selective elevated positions along ...

Charles W Watkins: Method and apparatus for tufting accent yarns in patterned pile fabric. Tuftco Corporation, Harrington A Lackey, March 10, 1992: US05094178 (41 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for forming high accent pile loops at spaced intervals in a tufted pile fabric. The apparatus for carrying out this method includes separate yarn feed rolls for being selectively driven at a high speed, a low speed, and a minimal speed, by a pattern control mechanism for selec ...