Henry Grossbard: Brilliantized step cut diamond. Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, May 3, 1977: US04020649 (64 worldwide citation)

A step cut stone with a straight edged polygonal shaped girdle has a generally pyramidal base and a crown with at least girdle and table breaks wherein at least one of these breaks is cut with triangular shaped facets.

Ignacy Krajewski: Multilayer printed circuit boards. International Computers, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, September 6, 1977: US04047132 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention is concerned with multilayer printed circuit boards which have more than a single plane of interconnection conductors spaced away from a common plane, such as an earth or power plane. In such a case the conductors of the interconnection layers form transmission lines having res ...

Edward Babb: Information retrieval systems. International Computers, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, June 15, 1976: US03964029 (31 worldwide citation)

An information retrieval system in which each record in a file is scanned and a hit signal is produced if it matches a search criterion. The hits are stored in a plurality of bit maps. Each record has an identifying index, which is transformed in a number of different ways to produce addresses for t ...

Goran Anders Henrik Hemdal: Apparatus for rearrangement of a switching network. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, May 10, 1977: US04022982 (30 worldwide citation)

Apparatus establishes a connection between a certain network input or input channel and a certain network output or output channel by rearrangement of a three-stage switching network, where, in a specific network condition, each network input or input channel is assigned to a specific network output ...

Allan Costa: Safety closure cap for a container having a neck portion. Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, September 14, 1976: US03980194 (30 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a safety closure cap for use with a bottle or other container having a neck portion. The closure cap is made of an elastically deformable or expandable synthetic plastic material. The neck portion of the bottle has on its outside a ring-shaped rib flattened at a portion of its cir ...

Maurice J Epstein: Stepping motor driving apparatus. Computer Transceiver Systems, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, May 17, 1977: US04024447 (28 worldwide citation)

A source of electric current has a first terminal connected to one end of each of a plurality of phase windings of a stepping motor whose other ends are connected via controllably operable switches to a second terminal of the current source, the switchesare energized in particular sequence and with ...

Donald D Rienzo Sr: Line guide for a fishing rod. Allan Tackle Manufacturing Co, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, March 15, 1977: US04011680 (17 worldwide citation)

A line guide for a fishing rod which consists of a guide ring material essentially consisting of titanium with ceramic as a binder and which is fitted within a ring made of hard metal and mounted to a support for attachment to a fishing rod.

Edward H Lau, John F Tweedy Jr: Shaft position controlling system. Redactron Corporation, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, October 19, 1976: US03987282 (17 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a typewriter using a single element print head wherein the tilt and rotate positions for character selection are obtained by servo systems driving tilt and rotate shafts. The system utilizes a digital multiplexing system whereby common elements in the servo channels are time share ...

John N Pizzuto: Magnetic head structure with minimum feedthrough. Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, February 15, 1977: US04008493 (16 worldwide citation)

A magnetic head structure comprising a read transducer (head) and a write transducer (head) longitudinally disposed for operating on the same channel of a magnetic medium has a neutralizing transducer positioned lateral to either the read or write transducer with the neutralizing transducer having a ...

Morris Schwartz: Sound slide. Kalart Victor Corporation, Hane Sullivan & Spiecens, March 29, 1977: US04014604 (15 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed sound slide assemblages which comprise a generally rectangular body incorporating an image bearing portion and a magnetic sound track portion. The image bearing portion is adapted to receive either a mounted or unmounted transparency. The sound track portion is contiguous to the i ...