Dag E son Akerberg: Process for acknowledging calls in a system for wireless staff locators. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, August 3, 1976: US03973200 (118 worldwide citation)

In a system for wireless staff location where non-coded acknowledgement signals are transmitted from a called staff locator to identify the staff locator from which the acknowledgement signal is sent which is characterized by the fact that the acknowledgement signal is allotted to the staff locator ...

Grahn Per Herbert, Hakansson Karl Gustav Eugen: Method of and device for removing a shrinkable plastic wrapping from a number of units, e.g. bottles, forming a substantially parallelepipedical body. Aktiebolaget Platmanufaktur, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, June 17, 1975: US3889442 (71 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a method of partly removing a wrapping such as a wrapping of pliable plastics material and shrunk about a plurality of units such as cans or bottles arranged in the form of a substantially rectangular package. According to the method a lengthwise cut is made in each of two opposit ...

Lafourcade Jean Michel: Breathing aid apparatus. Hane Baxley & Spiecens, May 6, 1975: US3881480 (63 worldwide citation)

An artificial respiration apparatus comprising a tip connectable to a source of gas under pressure, said tip including a bore hole; a valve seat at the end of said bore hole facing away from the source; an outlet connectable to the respiratory system of a patient; a movable valve member cooperating ...

Rylewski Eugeniusz Michael: Gas turbine. Hane Baxley & Spiecens, June 25, 1974: US3818695 (59 worldwide citation)

A gas turbine of the type having a plurality of axial compressor stages. The entire unit is mounted in a tubular support including coaxially mounted compressor and turbine blades for rotation independent of one another. The compressor blades are mounted in a ring radially inwardly of the ring of tur ...

Allan Costa: Child-proof closure device for a container having a threaded neck portion. Hane Baxley & Spiecens, August 31, 1976: US03977554 (56 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a child-proof closure device for a container such as a bottle having a threaded neck portion. This closure device comprises a closure cap which has on the outside of its side wall a row of teeth and a drive cap which has on the inside of its drive wall a row of teeth and is fitted ...

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There is disclosed a track sport shoe with an outer sole specifically designed for use on tracks covered with a layer of thermoplastic synthetic material. The outer sole is made of a thermoplastic synthetic material having an elastic modulus of at least 10,000 kp/cm.sup.2. A plurality of generally w ...

Bjork Harold John Carl, Caroc Torben Erik: Telecommunication plant in which a wide-band channel if wanted is connected by the side of a telephone connection. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, November 25, 1975: US3922491 (52 worldwide citation)

In a telecommunication system, a wide-band channel when desired is connected next to a telephone connection by a system which comprises a first line system intended for telephone traffic and a second line system with wide-band communication channels intended for data transmission, picture transmissi ...

Fornaa Goran: On-line multistation inspection device for machine moulded products. Aktiebolaget Platmanufaktur, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, December 2, 1975: US3923158 (50 worldwide citation)

A bottle making machine is provided with a plurality of inspection stations which inspect bottles on line to provide information for rejecting faulily made bottles.

Nils Herbert Edstrom: Telephone system comprising a satellite. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, April 19, 1977: US04018993 (47 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a telephone system comprising: a satellite arranged to relay a plurality of signalling channels and speech transmission channels; a plurality of earth stations having a plurality of line units each of which is connected to a subscriber, a signalling equipment connected to su ...

Taplin Stanley Donovan: Edge connector. International Computers, Hane Baxley & Spiecens, April 9, 1974: US3803533 (42 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector assembly includes an insulated connecting block secured along one edge of a support by a clip member having a pair of lugs engaging with the connecting block, a projection adapted to be fastened to the support and a resilient leaf spring member extending from the clip member ...