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An aqueous hair dye preparation comprising an oxidation dyestuff combination of a coupling component and a developer component consisting of a tetraaminopyrimidine derivative or a water-soluble acid addition salt thereof, as well as a process for dyeing hair by utilizing this oxidation dyestuff comb ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is allyl or a related radical such as chloroallyl, cyclopropyl-methyl or propargyl, and

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Discloses novel contact drivers in electric connectors. The electric connectors respectively provided with a series of contacts each of which has a movable end. Pin conductors are inserted into positions in which the pin conductors remain out of contact with the contacts. By operating a slider which ...

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Stable peroxy-containing concentrates useful for the production of microbicidal agents consisting essentially of

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A vein catheter placement assembly consisting essentially of a catheter unit and a puncture needle unit longitudinally slidably positioned in the catheter. The puncture needle unit comprises a hollow longitudinally grooved puncture needle, and a finger-grip attached to the end of the needle remote f ...

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Peroxy-containing concentrates, stable in storage, useful for the production of functional agents consisting essentially of

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This invention relates to a method and system for verifying authenticity safe against forgery of an object releasing a function said object being of base material having random imperfections in or on the same, comprising measuring random imperfections in or on the base material of said object in a p ...

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An indwelling vein catheter assembly with concentric puncture needle and wing-like, laterally extending, flexible elements tangentially attached to the catheter body; these wing-like elements can be folded around the catheter body to form angularly offset gripping and guide means which assume safe a ...

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A re-usable mixing and spraying device in which the fill opening and the hand pump used to discharge the spray solution are arranged at different heights, and a concentrate and a diluent may be mixed together in the device which is tightly sealed off from the outside, the concentrate being enclosed ...

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This invention is directed to a method for the non-contact application of letters or symbols to the exterior surfaces of uncoated tablets or uncoated tablet cores, which comprises dotting color solution or suspension by means of an ink-jet printer in specific quantity in the form of discrete droplet ...