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A fuel slurry comprising a mixture of a fuel oil and pulverized coal may be effectively stabilized with a small amount of adducts of alkylene oxide and an alcohol, an amine, a carboxylic acid or a phenol, or inorganic acid esters of said adducts; or cross-linked products of said adducts or said inor ...

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A plasminogen proactivator and a corresponding activator has been isolated from mammalian and avian, especially human, plasma which is characterized within a given species as a single, electrophoretically and immunologically homogeneous protein. The activator acts as a catalyst to initiate fibrinoly ...

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Sheep antiserum developed against the human glycohemoglobin, Hb A.sub.1c, distinguishes this fraction from the major component Hb A.sub.o. Partial cross relativity is observed with Hb A.sub.1a and Hb A.sub.1b, as well as with analogous glycohemoglobins from mouse and dog hemolysates. The reactivity ...

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Glass composition ranges are described which permit the introduction of laser activators into fluorphosphate glass with exceptionally high fluorine content while forming glasses of high crystallization stability and permitting the realization of large melt volumes. The high fluorine content imparts ...

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Glass compositions have been found which, with a low linear thermal expansion coefficient of 33.9-53.2.times.10.sup.-7 /.degree.C. at 20-300.degree. C. will pre-stress to a much higher extent under similar prestressing conditions than known glasses of the same thermal expansion, and which consequent ...

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A dipping process for the production of cadmium stannate layers on a substrate, preferably glass, which comprises:

Terence J Taylor Brown, James Jack deceased: Polymer films. Bakelite Xylonite, Haight Rosfeld Noble & Santa Maria, April 28, 1981: US04264672 (21 worldwide citation)

A stretched polyolefin film, suitable for use as a packaging material, comprising a uniform cellular structure produced by the use of a blowing agent and consisting essentially of a crystalline having a broad molecular weight distribution and a low Melt Flow Index wherein the film contains 0-25% by ...

Raymon Ponte: Combination flashlight and circuit tester. Haight Rosfeld Noble & Santa Maria, February 10, 1981: US04250446 (16 worldwide citation)

A combination flashlight and circuit tester is disclosed which functions as both a conventional source of portable illumination and a circuit continuity tester employing either internal or external sources of electrical energy. An improved multidirectional support enables the flashlight/tester to be ...

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A piston braking device for a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, employing an annular braking plate loosely fitted on the piston rod of the cylinder and rockable into a tilted position relative to the piston rod upon actuation by a plate drive means, and a brake control mechanism operative to apply a ...

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A phosphonic acid ester of the formula: ##STR1## and R is a lower alkyl, exhibits a calcium-antagonistic activity. Pharmaceutical compositions containing the same are useful in prophylaxis and treatment of ischemic heart diseases such as angina pectoris, myocardial, infarction, etc. and hypertension ...