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A bistatic radar system for detecting the presence of a slowly moving target by the use of an arrangement which provides a reduction in the frequency spread of the reflected clutter energy. A radar transmitter and a radar receiver are located aboard separate aircraft which fly with a predetermined s ...

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A training simulator for the full-scope real-time dynamic operation of a nuclear power plant utilizes apparatus that includes control consoles having manual and automatic devices for operating simulated plant components and indicating devices for monitoring physical values in the simulated plant. A ...

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A metallic lead frame strip, method of manufacturing same, a test tape, a method of testing together with the art work for same is disclosed. The method of manufacturing includes a method for producing art work that provides for accuracy in etching both sides of the lead frame strip simultaneously a ...

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A CCD focal plane processor having a plurality of columns of individual sensor elements with plural sensor elements per column. The structure includes plural CCD shift registers corresponding to the number of columns of sensors, each CCD shift register including a pair of stages corresponding to eac ...

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A radar tracking system having a Kalman estimator is disclosed. The estimator is provided with angle and range track error measurements in a coordinate system that is aligned with and normal to the antenna line of sight, commonly referred to as the LOS coordinate system. This estimator implementatio ...

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A low PRF pulse doppler radar system utilizing a VIP digital filter bank signal processor to suppress echoes from terrain, rain, and chaff, and pass echoes from aircraft moving at higher speeds is disclosed.

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A method and apparatus for providing motion compensation that allows dynamically changing flight paths during high resolution, squinted, synthetic aperture mapping by making use of a second order motion compensation by means of a two-stage correlator configuration utilizing digital signal processing ...

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A combined cycle electric power plant includes two gas turbines, a steam turbine, and a digital control system with an operator analog or manual backup. Each of the gas turbines has an exhaust heat recovery steam generator connected to a common header from which the steam is supplied by one or both ...

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An addressable MNOS transistor structure is disclosed employing a plurality of gate regions between the source and drain diffusion regions of each transistor cell. The transistor cell is characterized by high and low threshold states which are settable by selective actuation of the corresponding plu ...

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A synthetic aperture radar in which radial motion compensation is provided by a monopulse null tracking loop which tracks the null position of a stabilized monopulse antenna, and in which tangential motion compensation is provided by a tangential velocity measurement loop which tracks the cross-over ...