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An apparatus and method are provided for disabling the clocking of a processor in a battery operated computer during non-processing times. The clocking is disabled at the conclusion of a processing operation. The clocking can then be re-enabled using interrupts from any one of a plurality of sources ...

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A method for creating on-line presentations on a computer display using a complier, a compressor, and a processor. The complier converts control commands in source code format into object code format in order to specify how the information in an on-line presentation is to be presented on the display ...

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A data processing network in which a plurality of workstations such as personal computers (PC) (12) are connected to a host processor (11) and contain PC programs at particular levels for controlling tasks on the personal computers. The personal computers send a signal to the host when they are abou ...

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A method for tailoring a master document to obtain a special document. The master document is made up of data objects and portions of the data objects. Included in the portions are pointers to corresponding data objects. The portions are windowed and displayed. Selection of a window will result in a ...

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A method and apparatus for powering down a computer system while saving the state of the system at power down is disclosed. The system maintains the capability to suspend the execution of an application program operating on the system at any point and resuming execution of the application program at ...

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A method of, and placing help information on a convenient but unneeded portion of a screen. Help information, when called, is placed on the screen adjacent an operating point, and positioned such that needed information adjacent the point is not covered up or blocked from view.

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This invention relates to updating a display unit associated with a remote computer system communicating with a host computer system. Information, which is currently being displayed on the display unit and information to be displayed thereon are compared to determine any differences which exist ther ...

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A method and system are disclosed for transferring backup copies of designated multi-track datasets which are stored in a plurality of storage subsystems to a host system via data channel during concurrent execution of an application. Upon receiving a request for a backup copy, execution of an appli ...

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An application or terminal emulation program, which is being executed on an information processing system, is represented by the display of a first icon on a display device. If during the execution of the application or terminal emulation program, a virtual display buffer associated with the applica ...