David Emil Carlson: Semiconductor device having a body of amorphous silicon. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, B E Morris, D N Calder, December 20, 1977: US04064521 (184 worldwide citation)

An amorphous silicon material, fabricated by the process of a glow discharge in silane, is utilized as the body of semiconductor devices.

Ernest Jellinek: System for automatic vehicle location. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Joseph D Lazar, John P McMahon, August 15, 1978: US04107689 (138 worldwide citation)

An automatic vehicle location system wherein the position of a mobile unit is at any time (on a "real-time" basis) defined by a stored predetermined location code communicated to the mobile unit from a remote unit at a predetermined location and dead reckoned location coordinates relative to such st ...

Herbert H Chapman Jr: Electronic mail box. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Joseph D Lazar, Raymond E Smiley, August 8, 1978: US04106060 (128 worldwide citation)

An electronic mail box includes an entry slot for receiving a letter to be transmitted electronically to a remote point, an optical reader for converting the letter text to electronic signals, and a keyboard for receiving the address of the addressee. The address is checked for consistency. Then the ...

Terry George Athanas: Deep depletion insulated gate field effect transistors. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, R P Williams, May 18, 1976: US03958266 (122 worldwide citation)

A deep depletion insulated gate field effect transistor is made in a silicon layer on a sapphire substrate, so that its threshold voltage is relatively independent of the thickness of the silicon layer. The silicon layer has two parts, namely, a lower part adjacent to the sapphire substrate which is ...

Ludwig Muhlfelder, Robert Benson Hogan: Magnetic torquing system for changing the spin rate of an orbiting satellite. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Joseph D Lazar, Robert M Rodrick, September 19, 1978: US04114841 (105 worldwide citation)

The angular momentum of a tumbling orbiting satellite is changed to reduce the spinning of the spacecraft such that the spacecraft can operate in an essentially stabilized condition. The change in spin rate is accomplished by the development of a magnetic torque by commutation of magnetic air coils ...

Robert W Paglione: Temperature controller for a microwave heating system. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Samuel Cohen, Robert L Troike, October 21, 1980: US04228809 (99 worldwide citation)

In a microwave system where energy is directed through an applicator to heat a specimen, the inaccuracies encountered when control temperatures are monitored with thermocouples located in the presence of the microwave field are precluded through the use of a duty cycle that segregates the temperatur ...

Andrew Gordon Francis Dingwall: Semiconductor integrated circuit device including an array of insulated gate field effect transistors. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, R P Williams, August 30, 1977: US04045811 (97 worldwide citation)

A monolithic array of insulated gate field effect transistors useful, for example, as a read-only memory, has means for defining a pre-selected array of operative and non-operative transistors in a row and column arrangement. Non-operative transistors include diffused regions lying in the conductive ...

Andrew Gordon Francis Dingwall, Bruce David Rosenthal: Level shift circuit. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Henry I Schanzer, August 2, 1977: US04039862 (77 worldwide citation)

Each one of two switching transistors, driven by complementary input signals, has its conduction path connected between a different one of two output terminals and a first point of potential. Connected between each output terminal and a second point of potential are the conduction paths of a load tr ...

David Emil Carlson, Chester Edwin Tracy: Deposition of transparent amorphous carbon films. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Birgit E Morris, Daniel N Calder, November 29, 1977: US04060660 (74 worldwide citation)

Applying a D. C. glow discharge to a heated glassy substrate in an evacuated chamber to which a volatile hydrocarbon has been added, produces a glassy substrate coated with a hard, transparent, resistive, amorphous carbon coating.

Stanley Shwartzman, Alfred Mayer: Transducer assembly for megasonic cleaning. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, T H Magee, October 3, 1978: US04118649 (70 worldwide citation)

A transducer assembly adapted to oscillate at an ultrasonic frequency comprises a metallic foil having a back surface, at least one transducer having one face thereof mounted adjacent to the back surface by conductive means disposed therebetween, and insulating means disposed in the area adjacent to ...