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The system for evaluating the accuracy of aim of a missile firing weapon measures the line of aim of the weapon at the time of firing, measures the target flight path with an optical sensor and a radio ranging apparatus, and with a data processing unit calculates and compares a mean trajectory of a ...

Tinnerman George A: Sheet metal panel fastener. Gurley Revere B, March 26, 1974: US3798710 (17 worldwide citation)

A sheet metal fastener for securing panels, especially of insulation material, to a supporting structure is formed in two parts, one part having a clip to secure to the supporting structure and a prong to penetrate the panel and pass through the second part, the other part being substantially washer ...

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A non-rotatable wheel cover member is mounted on a plate carried by a fixed axle, the plate being mounted on a lock nut on the axle in a fixed position and has notches at top and bottom in which a lug and latch on the cover member engage to mount the cover member in upright position. The cover membe ...

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The invention relates to improvements to point reference interferometry.These improvements are characterized by the fact that within an optical cuit derived from the Sagnac interferometer and comprising a beam splitter M and a series of plane mirrors (M.sub.1, M.sub.2) sending the beam coming from t ...

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A wringer for expressing liquids from moist textile materials having rigid supporting cylinders which support an elastic hollow wringing cylinder wherein the wringing cylinder is provided with inserts of low expansibility wherein these inserts rotate in the casing of the wringing cylinder.